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The Conquest of Shorai

The Conquest of Shorai refers to the military campaign undertook by the kingdom of Gysia, against its northern neighbour, the kingdom of Shorai.

The Conflict


Rise of Kavasia and Independence of Gysia

Tensions since the collapse of the Essanian Empire had always being high in between the Kingdom of Gysia and the Kavasian Empire. The Kavasian Empire rose to fill the gap left by the sudden death of the Empire and quickly invaded the lands from Kus'Qar to Larasor, coming dangerously close to Gysia's border, who was formally a province of the fallen empire, and was now busy trying to maintain cohesion during The Fall and the years that followed. However, amidst political instability and a revolt in the far east of their country, Kavasia agreed to a border treaty with Gysia in 81 AC, with was much in the latter's favour.

First Gysian-Kavasian War

Over the next 200 years or so, relations between the two countries remained mostly peaceful, with only occasional border skirmishes. That is, until Gysia declared war and started the first war with Kavasia. The Gysians wanted to seize the lucrative port city of Moratt. Moratt is a very important city to the Kavasian as despite being a large country, Kavasia doesn't have many ports, and the ones they have like Vrahlis or Casqal, are only nominally under their control. The Kavasians fought hard and managed to save the city, but had to concead border lands in the Morattian marches to Gysia, giving them a foothold east of the Sanat river, which was very strategically important.

Second Gysian-Kavsian War

In 363 AC, Kavasia declared war on Gysia under the pretext of protecting the Choranian population in Gysia after multiple attacks on Choranian temples in Reigar and Tareghasi. The kingdom of Shorai publicly supported Kavasia during the war, as they share the same fate and objectives, but did not provide military support for the invasion. At first, things did not go well for Kavasia, but after a shocking defeat of the Gysian Army in the battle of Larasor, Kavasia finally went on the offensive and was able to penetrate deep into Gysian territory, laying siege to the cities of Tareghasi and Gandasi. However, an unexpected death amongst the Kavasian ranks forced them to retreat and agree to peace.

Gysian Revanschism

Eastern Gysia was devastated. Gandasi, a large and important port city was sacked and partially burned. Gysia wanted revenge and a scapegoat. They for opportunity for both in the Kingdom of Shorai. During the war, Gysia had kept parts of their army at the Shoranian border to repeal any invasion, meaning that they had less man power to invade Kavasia with. Shorai was also a much smaller kingdom than both Gysia and Kavasia. They would be easy to conquer. At least in theory.

The Engagement

Battle of the Cliffs

in may 368 AC, The Shoranian army meet the larger Gysian army along the seaside cliffs between Sargasin in Gysia and Sirok in Shorai. The battle was one sided. The Shoranian army was outnumbered 3-1. They put up a good fight but was flanked by the Gysian cavalry and had to retreat after severe loses. The remaining solders retreated to Sirok, where they prepared for a siege.

Siege of Seiroki

The city of Sirok, Capital of the kingdom of Shorai, and residence of its king, was put to siege by the Gysian army on land, and its sea access was blockaded by the navy of the Arbitian mercantile Republic, who became Gysia's allies for parts of the war. The siege lasted for 3 months before the city surrendered when they saw the republic deploy some of their Winged ships over the city, threatening to bombard it. The city was taken but not sacked. The King of Shorai fled by unknown means towards the north, to the city of Usenqa.

Seige and Sack of Usenqa

The next week, Usenqa was subsequently besieged the next week as well, and Winged ships were moved over the city a week after that. However, the city had a trick up its sleeve. Harpoons. As soon as the large ships moved close enough, the harpoons were launched at the them, causing two to crash to the ground. One landed in the city, causing a fire that was rapidly put out. The crew inside was killed during the crash or when they tried fleeing the scene. The republic decided to move its three remaining ships out of the war, angering Gysia as winter was approaching and therefore wanted a quick end to the siege, but that would not come.   The siege lasted another 10 months, during which the army suffered from the cold winters of the region. The lack of food and the cold killed a third of the Gysian army. A sortie was even organized in February by the defenders, composed mainly of Icemages, numbering around 30 man and woman. They attacked one of the camps, populated by non-magic and magic wielders.   In spring 369, 10 months after the siege began, the city began to ran out of food and plans were made to offer surrender. However, the same day they planned to surrender, the gates were breached by yet another Gysian assaut. Usenqa was put to the torch and sacked for all its worth by the frustrated Gysian army who also took out their frustration on the populace that was raped, beaten and killed by the soldiers. The king was captured and held prisoner for the remainder of the war. The sack was so bad that when the news reached the Kingdom of Darnia , across the Mahadorian sea, the High Rayn of Solthar felt obligated to denounce the actions of a fellow Solian country. However, by then the Gysian army had moved on to besiege Yarenal, the oldest and most culturally important shoranian city. The defenders would not surrender.  

Seige of Yarenal and Battle of Gorn

In may 369 AC, the old city of Yarenal was put to siege by the invading Gysian Army. They already held the rich port city of Sirok, and the burned remains of Usenqa. The defenders held out well during the summer, repulsing several attacks from the Gysian army. Fall came and went and not progress was made on the Gysian side. The Gysian army was starting to get weary and as winter arrived, harsher than last year for them, since they were now further north, at the foot of the Dorroman mountains, mainly in the army expressed doubts, mainly in the Magic wielder camp, who had suffered greatly during the previous winter. Nonetheless, the King decided to stay.   In early December 369, about half of the defenders, mostly magic wielders, including Shapeshifters , Icemages, Firemages and Watermages got out of the city and sneaked by the besieger's camp with the help of Lightmages. They moved south, attacking across the border, at the city of Reigar before going towards the much larger city of Tareghasi. They were defeated halfway there, however, in the battle of Gorn.

Technical Gysian Victory

Although on paper the defeat of a large Shoranian force was good news, it was overshadowed by the news that the city of Reigar was attacked, combined with the lack of progress which sapped the army's moral and the political situation in Kavasian restabilizing, the king decided to realize that the situation was untannable and sued for a cease fire, which the shoranian promptly agreed to.


The campaign was largely successful as the kingdom of Gysia established control on two thirds of the former territories of the Kingdom of Shorai.


The kingdom of Gysia maintains control over the annexed lands with parts of their military and through local diplomacy with the regional leaders, who's loyalty to their new overlord is questionable at best. The Kingdom of Shorai, now dubbed North-Shorai, still controls the Highlands and mountains of their lands, frequently launching small raids into the Gysian controlled part of their land to harass the occupying force.
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
17th of may, 368 AC
Ending Date
29th of December, 369 AC
Conflict Result
Gysian victory, Shoranian defeat


The Kingdom of Gysia
The Kingdom of Shorai


Around 40 000 Soldiers total   Around 700 Magic users
Around 20 000 Soldiers   Around 2000 Magic users


Around 24 000 Soldiers total   Around 600 Magic users
Around 14 400 Total soldiers   Around 1200 Magic users


Take control and annex the kingdom of Shorai.
Defend and protect their country's territory and population.


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