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Winged ships

Winged Ships are vehicles that form an essential part of the communication and trade networks in Hysal. They are large airships filled with Lycen gas, allowing them to float high in the air. They are built with a storage area for cargo and to transport passengers. Multiple different models exist to accommodate different needs and are generally classified into three broad category: Passenger, Cargo and Military. Military airships are smaller and more maneuverable, but can carry less cargo and passenger. Winged ships made specifically to carry cargo are the largest of the three types and the largest vehicles in Hysal. Passenger airships are smaller than cargo airship but larger than military ships. They carry passengers for city to city and is considered a very luxurious mode of transport, meant for the nobility and the bourgeoisie.  

General Design

Winged ships are large and bulky vehicles. They are generally in the form of a large elongated closed tube with closed ends located in the front and rear. They have an internal wooden framework made from Emandine wood. This wooden framework maintains the ship's shape even when on the ground or when its smaller internal ballons are not filled up with Lycen gas. Two stabiliser wings are located along each side of the ship and 4 other at the rear, near the large propeller, for a total of 8 stabilizer wings. A series of small openings acting as windows are located along the sides of the ship. These are smaller and used as arrow/projectile slits in war ships  

Lycen Gas

The wingedships are equipped with 5 to 15 smaller ballons inside the frame of the ship. These are anchored to the base of the ship, generally onto the Bronze plating at the base and onto the wooden frames on the sides. These ballons are made of cotton covered in a thin layer of rubber, making them leak-proof. A pipe is connected to each of them to bring lycen gas into them. The pipes are made of metal, generally bronze or copper and they can be closed when the ballons have reach their capacity. The gas is produced in the boiler room, where Energised Lycen crystalsare burned with coal to create steam. There, the crystals are burned separately and the gas naturally floats upward into the pipes, where it can be manually pumped into the ballons. Gas leaks are minimal thanks to the presence of Ferromages who can patch any leak from the pipes and fuse the metal to the ballons themselves in a process called Ferro-Fusion  


The ship's piloting room is situated in the lower quarter of the main body of the ship, behind the bronze plating. A small opening is located near the steering well of the ship. The steering wheel controls the stabilizers on the side of the ship, allowing it to turn. The propellers can be stopped form here by levers, also to help with the steering of the ship. Bells can be rang in the boiler room from the cockpit down to the boiler room, signaling to either add or release gas to control the altitude of the ship.

Power Generation

The ship uses steam power provided by heating water in a boiler. The steam is then used to activate the propellers.



The propulsion for the ship is done by three propellers. A large propeller at the back of the ship pushes it forwards, while two smaller propeller on each side in between the two wings can help turn the ship left or right. The ship cannot back up and will instead evade by turning, going up, or accelerating. The propellers can be stopped by opening a valve along the pipe transporting the steam that will release it, depriving the propeller of "fuel". These valves can be opened from the control room from a distance, or manually opened locally.


A pair of large sails can be hoisted up from the sides of the Ship by two large curved wooden pole. The poles turn upwards, bringing the sails with them and deploring them like a pair of wings. In ideal conditions, this can help the ship reach speeds of up to 80km/h

Weapons & Armament

In the case of the military variant of the Winged ships, they are usually loaded with bombs that can be dropped onto the ground bellow. Prototypes of a lycen laser weapon that could be fired from the ship towards the ground had been developed by the Essanian Empire's military, but proved too inefficient, unprecise unreliable to be mass produced and the idea was scrapped.

Armor and defense

All modern winged ships have their underbelly covered in thin bronze platting, These plates are then fixed upon the wooden frame of the ship, giving the latter some protection against attacks from bellow.

Hangars & docked vessels

Most Wingedships have a large cargo haul made to transport people and merchandise. Their Millitary variants are smaller and have their cargo dedicated to weapons and bombs.   In civilian ships, the cargo haul is called a passenger hall and it is generally luxurious as Winged ships are only used by the bourgeoisie. This is because of the high accessibility price and their rarety.   In Cargo ships, the Cargo haul is loaded with merchandise like foodstuff, lycen crystals, wood, letters packages and even prisoners and slaves.
Other Names: Dragoneers/Flying Drakkars/Wingedwraths
30 meters (40 metres including stabilizer span, 60 metres including sail span)
100 metres
30 metres
cruising speed of 25km/h Top speed of 80km/h
Complement / Crew
A crew of a minimum of 10-15 people, depending on the type of ship.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
20 to 200 passengers, depending on the internal configuration and the type of Wingedship.
Owning Organisation:    


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