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Stilonk's Rebellion

Stilonk was a goblin who was a gladitorial pit fighter in the Second Age in Disterria.   Stilonk escaped and helped many other goblins escape leading to the biggest slave uprising in the Second Age. At one point, Stilonk had an estimated 30,000 goblin ex-slaves under his banner marching his ragtag army for almost three years. Goblin slave revolts were relatively common but never on this scale or this duration.

The Conflict


It is estimated that Stilonk's Rebellion ended up claiming the lives of around 5,000 elves. At least 60,000 goblins died as a direct consequence of the Rebellion.   Goblins all around what was then known as Colassia were prone to small rebellions for generations after Stilonk's uprisings which cost more lives over the next century and a half.


Disteria and most other places ended the practice of goblin pit fighting but they did not end the practice of goblin slavery though many abolitionists made cases for it for centuries to come.   Note, most of the slavery abolitionists did not advocate letting goblin slaves go free to create their own homeland in peace and harmony, most abolitionists argued that all goblins needed to die.

Historical Significance

Stilonk was a famous and popular goblin pit fighter in Disterria until one day he orchestrated a coup freeing himself and about 300 other pit fighters and 500 goblin laborers, murdering all his elven overseers in the process.   He quickly started liberating other goblin slaves and slaying or driving off any elves he found. Once rumors spread of his actions, more goblins sought escape on their own volition who sought out Stilonk until Stilonk had tens of thousands followers.   But this point, the Disterian army made an organized response. Stilonk was cunning and was able to outwit or outmaneuvers multiple times but he still took losses and winters were harsh.   Eventually a lack of food and attrition with elven soldiers wore down Stilonk's followers, until Stilonk and about 8,000 goblins made a last stand in the The World Seam Mountains in the region that is now called Border Baronies Region. They fought 500 armored elf soldiers and managed to take down over 400 of them in the last battle though every last goblin was slaughtered.   The exact location of their final stand was lost to history. It certainly wasn't Border Baronies Spot #11 if that is what you are thinking.   Out of all the goblins in Stilonk's last stand, none tried to run away or surrender, a very un-goblinlike response to this level of danger.


All things considered, Stilonk's Rebellion had little effect on the grand workings of history, but many scholars and historians argued and debated implications about Stilonk's Rebellion for much of the Second Age and many of their writings survived into the the Third Age giving a snapshot into the minds of sages and nobles of the Second Age regarding goblins and other races.   Also, scroll heads to this day speculate on what factors shaped Stilonk's Rebellion and how Stilonk was able to inspire such loyalty in a race not known for their loyalty. Very few goblins in his army deserted him and zero goblins tried to betray him outright no matter how bad things became.
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