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Disterria's exact borders are unknown today but most surviving written references to the nation indicate that Disteria was the largest and most powerful nation during the the Second Age and viewed unfavorably by most of their contemporaries.   Their historical center of power was in what is now known as West Colassia. The dark elves of Kahdisteria claim to the be the spiritual and blood heirs of the Disterians.   Many historians believe that the foolhardy elf who accidentally started the Second Unmaking was a Disterrian, but the modern.   One thing that almost no historians dispute is that the Disteria was that the initial Demon Lord's army marched straight for Disterria and broke that nation before turning to other targets.

Mythology & Lore

The Kahdisterians claim the Disterians were fairly balanced polythesists worshiping all the Nine roughly equally.  Historical records suggest the Masks were especially politically powerful in Disteria though that could have been propaganda from their many rivals.

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