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The Assassination of Tobias Contari

Back in 2058, the curse-eaters made their debut as an official rebel organization when they successfully assassinated Tobias Contari, the founder and then CEO of NovaCorp. The curse-eaters intended to destroy NovaCorp as a whole, but they failed after Tobias's grandson retaliated.

The Conflict


Ever since Tobias destroyed and rebuilt the world during the Cataclysm, rebels tried again and again to stand up to the oppressive NovaCorp, but they were always outmatched. The rebels finally decided to bide their time and build their strength underground. After NovaCorp issued a hefty tax on drinking water in 2058, the rebels decided enough was enough.


The rebels formed their plan over months of research and prep-work. On the day of the incident, they confronted Tobias's seven-year-old grandson, Judah Contari, when he was alone with a tutor. Judah was kidnapped and taken to a remote harbor while a message was sent to Tobias, asking him to meet at a separate location if he wanted his grandson back alive. Tobias of course summoned NovaCorp's army, the Knights.


The Harbor

Half of the conflict took place at the harbor, where eight rebels stood guard over their hostage, Judah.

The Dam

The rest of the conflict took place at Nova City's hydroelectric dam, where the rest of the rebels fought Tobias and the Knights.

The Engagement

At the harbor, some of the rebels became impatient with their plan. After so long of suffering under NovaCorp, they wanted to take their anger out on someone, and seven-year-old Judah was their option. They broke his hand, and Judah decided to become the host of a nearby curse, gaining supernatural powers that he used to kill all eight rebels and escape.

At the dam, the other rebels ambushed and killed Tobias. Several Knights and nine more rebels died in the ensuing fight. The rebels eventually fled as their plan to destroy NovaCorp fell apart.


From then on, the rebels became known as curse-eaters, and to this day, they still fight against NovaCorp, hoping to one day free Nova City from its chains. Tobias's son, Simon Contari, became the new CEO of NovaCorp, and with the Knights, continues to hunt the curse-eaters.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Conflict Result
Tobias Contari was killed



Led by


Guerilla warfare and the element of surprise
Higher resources, higher numbers


Seventeen rebels
Tobias Contari and an unknown number of Knights


  • Kidnap Judah Contari
  • Lure out Tobias Contari
  • Eliminate Tobias
  • Destroy NovaCorp
  • Eliminate the rebels


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Aug 9, 2023 00:50 by Diane Morrison

This is a very well written cyberpunk military conflict article. I'm a sucker for cyberpunk. I love how there are absolutely no good guys in this conflict as well; both sides did some pretty dark things. You made use of the template, and that gives me a clear idea of what's happening, and the long-term outcome. Well done!

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