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Sol Invasion

Sol invasion is the generic term that is used to describe a period in history of Avalonia, that encapsulates the conquest done in the area by the soldiers of the Sol Empire. Three hundred years ago the great state of Sol has shifted its atention to the lands that lay beyond the great ocean and they built a new fleet that could find no rival among other sea faring nations of that time. They sought to bring the entire world to its knees and the island of Avalonia was part of that goal.   After fifty years of careful scouting expeditions under the rule of different emperors, the invasion began in earnest and took about another 80 years. The empire never saw the conquest as complete and as empires do, always tried to push the borders of the occupied lands a little further. In the end, only the fierce mountain tribes were standing proud and free and were able to not let their land leave their control, but some historians presume the stalemate was caused also by the faults in the supply lines of the empire troops. About two thirds of the island were briefly ruled by the Empire as a subjugated nation and its rule left permanent scars on the landscape and its people.   The conquest was bloody like all military campaigns usually are, but Avlans, the tribes living in the majority of the island, are not particularly fighting types. Many local lords opened their arms to the imperial rule to spare their people from suffering. Many got judged for it. Most of them ended up the same, no diplomatic or trade alliance lasted long, the hands of the empire wanted to let everyone know that they prefer their own people in power.   Not all regions gave up easily and there were many intense battles and some equally as intense revolts. Unfortunately, after years of fighting, the number of the Empire were greater and the strengths of the Avlans depleted. All was shrouded in the mists of the ever burning Sol.

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