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Moon Wish and the boys

Fair warning: while the description does not go into detail, sexual assault is strongly implied.
As they approach a village, boys will frequently meet women who are out gathering wood or tending farm trees. Such encounters are usually neutral, sometimes cordial, occasionally hostile, and rarely consequential. But the day that Moon Wish met Long Steps and his pack was a day that set world-changing events into motion.

The Conflict


Moon Wish was the only woman in that part of the canopy at the time, having delayed removing the ropes from her trees.  The approach of a small boy pack, with no other women as witnesses, was an opportunity to indulge in forbidden games that she had no intention of passing up.   Long Steps and his boys had left Star Flower Village several days before, but on the way to Moon Wish Village they left the riverside trail with the intent of exploring the village's moon peak, bringing them into the village from an unexpected direction. Having already come out of wild forest, Long Steps was not alert to the possibility of danger, and let the youngest boy wander ahead.

The Engagement

Moon Wish heard the approaching boys, and ambushed the first one to come in range. Although the boys outnumbered her, fighting was impossible. Any violence by a boy against a woman would result in severe punishment for the boy regardless of the circumstances. Long Steps gave a verbal code for "scatter and meet at the nearest water outside the village", but she still had hold of the youngest boy. Having a good idea what sort of games she had in mind, Long Steps offered to play, with the goal of giving the youngest boy the chance to flee. Moon Wish took the bait and released her captive. Long Steps gave her his full cooperation to give the others time to reach safety.  When Moon Wish finally let him go, he made his way to the stream where the rest of his pack was waiting.


Long Steps immediately sent half his pack to leave trail signs at the beginning of the path to Moon Wish Village, warning of the potential danger to boys. As soon as he verified the seriousness of the threat, he and the other boys made straight for the crossroads to leave more warning signs and verbally inform any other boys who might be there. Small packs stopped going to Moon Wish Village at all; larger packs visited only to make deliveries and check on the village's boys.


The lack of boys deepened a divide that had already existed in the village's women. The radical faction accused the traditionalists of making threats against packs, which of course they denied; the traditionalists in turn began to suspect the radicals of conspiring to challenge Woman Woman.

Historical Significance

The idological conflict within Moon Wish Village escalated into a small civil war. The traditionalists prevailed, ejecting their surviving opponents. Finding no support in any other village, the survivors fled down the river.


Moon Wish's victory ended by assuring the failure of the village, but also the beginning of a continuing 12,000 years of civilization on the Ocean.


Moon Wish
Long Steps' boy pack


Just herself, but with the social power of a third-generation first-girl woman.
Himself and five other boys, two of whom are still within their second growth..



Have fun, play with some boys, show them who's boss.
Keep the younger boys safe.

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