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Star Flower Village

Star Flower is the current Woman Woman of the most influential of the women's villages. It is only the second largest in area, but thanks to its fortuitous geography it has three prosperous districts.  The village as a whole is better than self-sufficient, producing enough food and materials to send to other villages.


Although the three districts are nearly autonomous, there is one Woman Woman for the village as a whole. The entire population gathers for the full moon greetings, which begin early to give women from the pipe tree and fishing districts enough time to travel to the moon peak and socialize with each other before the ceremony proper.  Woman Woman takes advantage of the gathering to listen to conversations and determine what concerns in the village need to be addressed.

Industry & Trade

The village does not engage so much in commerce as in gift-giving. Star Flower is generous with the surplus, freely sending food and supplies to any village that boys report is in need of it. The gifts are not as charitable as they seem, however. Such regular distribution of goods places other villages in a position of dependence upon Star Flower Village, and in particular upon its Woman Woman.


  • Fishing:

    The village stream spreads into a delta where it meets the river, and is home to the busiest fishing industry in any village. The women attribute their success to an informal partnership with fish stealers. Though they are considered pests in most other villages, here women take advantage of the fish stealers' proclivity for chasing fish by setting out an array of traps and leaving a portion of the resulting catch for the fish stealers.
  • Farming:

    The middle section runs between two steep forested ridges. On both sides the women cultivate crops in the canopy, raising a mixture of epiphytes and parasites for their fruit and leaves. This method of agriculture isn't efficient enough to generate a surplus, but because they have a larger farmable area than other villages, they are able to sustain a larger population.
  • Pipe Tree:

    The outermost section is the nearest thing to a pipe tree farm that exists. There are a large number of natural pipe tree stands in this area, providing enough building material to meet the village's own needs and export to more northerly villages with less forest area. The region includes stands from different families of pipe tree that don't flower at the same time, ensuring a continuity of harvest even when several entire stands die at once. Because the farming zone is an entirely separate district, there is no need to maintain a perimeter free of pipe trees, allowing the women who tend the stands to have their own cluster of huts nearer where they work.
Ruling/Owning Rank

View from the future

The radicals ejected from Moon Wish Village came to Star Flower Village to request shelter. Star Flower refused, seeing no advantage in encouraging a philosophy that posed such a threat to a hierarchy she was at the top of; also their resources were already stretched thin due to the severe drought going on at the time.

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