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fish stealer

Women who make their livelihood by fishing must closely watch their traps. The river is also home to semiaquatic mammals that will take any opportunity to raid the women's catch, leading to their name of "fish stealer".   Unlike women, fish stealers are good swimmers in a strong current, and take as much pleasure in chasing fish as in catching them. They also enjoy playing with the fish traps themselves, kicking and tossing empty ones around like toys.  For many fish trappers these animals are a nuisance, but for some the destruction is worth the entertainment.  A new trap can be made in a matter of hours, and those women find it a joy to watch fish stealers at play.

Basic Information


Fish stealers have elongated bodies and short legs, with a tail more than half the length of the body.  Its front and back paws are webbed, five-toed, and clawed.  Pups' tails are rounded, but flatten out as they grow.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Unsurprisingly, fish stealers eat mostly fish, but sometimes will forage on land for other small animal prey.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Some girls like to catch fish stealer pups to keep as pets. A lively young fish stealer and a lively young girl can keep each other good company for a time, but inevitably the fish stealer will either escape or be taken back to the river by the girl's mother when it gets big enough to cause real havoc in the house.

Facial characteristics

A fish stealer's head tapers smoothly from the neck, ending in a blunt snout.  Its ears are small and flatten against the head when swimming.  It has an impressive array of whiskers along its cheeks and over its eyes.

Average Intelligence

Fish stealers have learned to take advantage of women's fish traps, driving the fish into them and then attacking the traps while the fish are helpless. Women of Star Flower Village take advantage of the situation, pulling in the majority of traps as soon as they are full, but leaving a few for the fish stealers to enjoy as thanks for their help. The fish stealers wait until the women claim their share before tackling the remaining traps, suggesting that they understand the nature of the exchange and are willing participants.
Scientific Name
Lutrogale perspicillata (smooth-coated otter)
Average Weight
7-11 kg
Average Length
95-110 cm
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dark to reddish brown on the back, light brown to gray on the belly.

View from the future

Vastlanders have domesticated fish stealers and keep them both as working animals and pets.  Although they can swim in salt water, they must raise their pups near fresh water sources.  Since they could not breed on ocean voyages, fish stealers are unknown to Oceanfolk.

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