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18 November 3228

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Research Base

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The lawless, black market planet.
Content Warning: Mention of blood Reference to mass murder
The research base orbits Nisora like the eye of a watchful god. Despite attempts to clean, blood stains linger in carpets and corners. Bullet holes pepper furniture, and burn marks from laser fire dot the walls. Clothing and personal belongings from the base's deceased inhabitants collect dust in cold storage.   The purpose of the research done here was to grant life. Now the base serves as a reminder of death.

Eye of the Storm

When it was built in 3225, the research base was little more than a mystery to theorize about for those who pay too close attention to Nisora's orbital objects. There was no fanfare, news, or publicity surrounding its creation or purpose. The structure is an oval with two points: one containing the main lab, and the other containing the machinery that powers the orbital base. It can fit 16 people comfortably, up to 24 uncomfortably, and more than that would strain the life support systems.   By the time it was completed in 3226, it was already receiving covert packages from Nisora. Everyone along the supply chain had been paid extra for their discretion. Those who looked deeper, or had deep enough pockets for bribes, learned these packages contained high-tech materials, from pre-tech, to Legion tech, and even samples of alien tech.  
by Rin Garnett
It wasn't until early 3228 that the public learned the base had been constructed in secret by the black market organization known as the Syndicate. Experienced in such matters, they carefully obfuscated their involvement, even as they housed fifteen of their own scientists, researchers, and engineers at the base. All of them knew they worked in secret, but most believed they sought a way to rehouse virtual intelligences without resetting them. Only two of them knew the truth: they were bringing an alien back to life.  

Eye for an Eye

by Rin Garnett
The Syndicate underestimated the aggressive determination of Lawrence Anders, sergeant major within the Perimeter Agency. The military branch of the Protectorate, Perimeter was charged with ensuring galactic peace, through force if necessary. Sergeant Anders believed this alien was a threat based on his role in the Battle for Talmar. Despite concerns from his agents, he ordered an assault on the base and the deaths of all those on board. The timely arrival of the Gal Pals was all that saved the alien, but they were too late to help the unarmed Syndicate employees.  
Perimeter Agent: “Sir, the inhabitants are unarmed. No signs of weaponry aside from auto turrets.”   Sgm. Anders: “Kill all on board.”   Agent: “Sir–”   Sgm. Anders: “Any of them could be psions, easily able to kill you if you let your guard down. They’re trying to bring a known mass-murderer back into society, and wouldn't regret ending your life. Don’t hesitate.”
— Recovered snippet from a deleted audio log
  This wasn't the end of the death the research base would see. Having been told that there was much be gained by taking over this base, the Galendran gang Cryptix launched an assault of their own. Though the guarding Perimeter agents were severely outnumbered, they were a trained military in a defensible position versus drug-addicted fanatics who enjoy violence. Both sides took losses, but the base remained in Perimeter hands, with the few Cryptix survivors retreating back to Galendra.

Eyes on the Prize

Perimeter remains in control of this research base today. Having already gathered what information they could on the Syndicate's alien knowledge, they now keep watch over the lawless planet below. However, since Perimeter v. Gal Pals concluded that Perimeter was in breach of Nisora's neutrality agreement, whether Perimeter will retain control of this base is up for debate.   There's argument that Perimeter should return the base to its prior owner and pay reparations for siezing it. However, the prior owner is the Syndicate, a group that is in breach of Protectorate law, and Nisora's neutrality agreement doesn't officially include Nisoran orbit. Neither returning the base to the black market group nor keeping it for themselves is likely to give the Protectorate the good publicity they badly need.
We look forward to negotiating with Perimeter on the return of our property and reparations to families for the unjust loss of their loved ones. If the Perimeter Agency truly condemns the actions of their former officer as they claim, then surely their response will prove it.
Annabel Dodgestein, Syndicate leader


3225Base constructed in orbit
322615 Syndicate employees arrive
3228Base taken over by Perimeter


Capacity (ideal/max)
16/24 human inhabitants
Founding Date
Orbital, Station
Parent Location
Appears in...
Bodily Autonomy

Author Commentary

This was the location for the first session of Campaign 2: The Gal Pals. Since these were the same players from Campaign 1: The Night Knights, I was thrilled to bring back the alien they'd met in the final sessions of the prior campaign.

Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor


Author's Notes

This article was written as part of WorldEmber 2023. Follow the link to learn more.

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