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February 3229

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February 3229

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Gal Pals

wow that's a lot of stars is a sci-fi setting about adventure, exploration, and discovery. Every person, place, and thing has a story to tell, if you listen closely.   Setting Intro | Visitor's Guide | Author's Intentions


On January 1, 3228, three people journeyed to the mysterious research station orbiting Nisora and found everyone on board dead. They followed the instructions fed to them over the intercomm to finish what the Syndicate started and download an alien consciousness into a human-like body. In doing so, they made themselves the target of the Perimeter Agency along with every gang and faction within Galendra. Their alliance was initially to save themselves, and over time became a way to save their home.



  • Deployed a means to detox residents from a highly-addictive Cryptix drug called Control
  • Prevented a burrowbug outbreak and saved the jobs of three experimental VI bosses
  • Aided the Wyre Rats in destroying a large portion of Galendra's Commercial District
  • Inter-Planetary

  • Exposed the inter-planetary spy network run by Integrell President Cordelia Isoto
  • Rescued children being used as Legion test subjects on the sunny side of Xeros
  • Stopped inethical medical testing of Blue Spire Academy students and staff
  • Sector-Impacting

  • Proved Lawrence Anders' evidence tampering in a live trial
  • Cleared their names and stopped a political takeover of Nisora
  • Ensured the continued independence of the last living alien
  • Current Status

    After Lawrence Anders' defeat and the Gal Pals unofficially disbanded, Tic and Hester opted to form a new vigilante-style group to aid in Galendra's reconstruction. They gathered several like-minded people and voted on the group's name. Despite numerous alternatives, "Gal Pals" was the resounding winner. Since they were keeping the name and the logo (at Hester's insistence), the effective outcome was the group continuing on under new leadership.   Trey, Jorie, and Bry remain allied with the group if not official members, each with their own new projects to fill their time. Trey and Bry in particular work closely with the new Gal Pals where their work coincides. Jorie is being kept at a distance, as she becomes more linked to the church and more notorious for her constant telepathic surveillance of those around her.


    Defend those who can't defend themselves
    Stop those in power from abusing that power
    Train the next generation of defenders
    Feed every stray cat
    Founding Date
    Alternative Names
    Galactic Problems
    Controlled Territories
    Associated Campaign
    Campaign 2: The Gal Pals

    Founding Members

    Jorie Grey
    Key role: Information gatherer.
    Key skills: Telepathy. Metapsionics. Talk.
    Atticus de León
    Key role: Muscle.
    Key skills: Shoot. Fix. Pilot.
    Key role: The one who makes the plans.
    Key skills: Precognition. Stealth. Perform.
    Key role: Support.
    Key skills: Heal. Program. Pilot.

    Expanded Members

    Key role: Chemist. Developed detox method for specific drugs used by Cryptix
    Finn Eisher
    Key role: Fire support. Headed the vigilante group Tic called the Finnishers.
    Austin Gonzales
    Key role: Acquisitions. Main contact for off-world black market trends and supplies.
    Hester Navarro
    Key role: Punching. Tic's wife and new co-leader of the group.

    Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor
    Character flag image: Gal Pals logo by Rin Garnett


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