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The New Realm In order to achieve greatness, we must first confront our darkness.

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n a time long ago, the giants of earth left for a better realm. People were dying because of the scorched land. In a bid to save their species, seven elite dragons performed powerful magic, transporting their kind to a new realm. However, amid the chaos, their powers split. Fire engulfed the elite dragons, and their people were thrusted into unknown realms. Beaten, burned, and broken, the folk regrouped and began anew.


The 100 Years of Turmoil


hrough the smoke and the chaos, the folk fought each other for dominance. Many folks died during this time, and the battles decimated the population. Offsprings starved and mothers wept as fathers fought each other. The new realm experienced a broken and dark first 100 years. In a desperate attempt for answers, many folks blazed with blame, hate, and prejudice.

As power exchanged from one leader to another, new laws came into effect. For, the elite dragons that saved the folk were also powerful omegas. Female dragons who could wield and master magic siphoned from their alphas. Omegas, once revered as gifts from the fates, were now being held accountable for the realm's chaos. Omegas saw their rights and freedoms stripped away systematically as the power shifted. Along the way, the powerful changed the stories, casting some as heroes and others as villains, and reducing the once-powerful omegas to mere property of their alphas. The once powerful omegas were no more. Their strengths disregarded in history and rewritten to serve another purpose. What was left of the omegas were uneducated females, who had been stripped of their rights and were now at the mercy of those who used them.

But what proceeded was peace. A peace the folk needed. Although the omegas suffered, the folk turned a blind eye. Stability was more important than the rights of a few. And the folk expected sacrifices in the early years. Slowly, the dwellers began farming and traded natural resources. A new order formed and their society established a new social hierarchy. Farmers harvested healthy crops and trade in lumber, precious jewels and natural resources thrived.

All was good. Good to everyone except the omegas.

But their gods, known as the Fates, felt the unbalance of power and vowed to change the realm. The lapse of power no longer served a good purpose for the realm and the suffering of the omegas became too much. In the space between worlds, the Fates' hands moved with practiced ease as they rolled their dice to start a new story. The clang of the dice echoed as the fate of the characters hung in the balance. Whether by chance or design, an unspeakable act sets the story in motion, culminating in a curse that alters the fate of one young alpha dragon. This curse will challenge his fortitude, and it will drag him down to the depths of hell, where no one wishes to venture. Only fate knows that in order to achieve greatness, we must first confront our darkness.



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