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18 November 3228

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Camp Chill Badge for Summer Camp

Summer Camp Camp Chill Badge

A custom badge made in honor of Annie Stein's Camp Chill.  

Nnie's Camp Chill Guidelines

  • Remember the prompts are suggestions, not requirements.
  • Write what you're passionate about, leave what you aren't.
  • Relax when you feel tired.
  • Fight off any pesky brain-squitos trying to make you doubt your work.
  • Don't abandon your non-summercamp goals! Write that article you're itching to write, even if it doesn't fit any prompts.

  • (Shared with permission from Annie Stein. Read her thoughts on 'Camp Chill' on her Camp Pledge.)   If you'd like to repost this badge, add [imgblock:4574878] or [img:4574878] to your article.
    If you'd like to repost the guidelines, Amy Winters-Voss made a block version you can use by adding [block:1050823] to your article.

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