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"Radan" describes all those from the planet Rada. They typically have dark skin, above-average height, long braided hair, and are frequently capable psions. Though most Radan living on planet define themselves by more local culture terms, they've also adopted Radan as a means to defy the Emerald Legion. The Legion took over the planet in 3160 and continues to rule over the native populace with an authoritarian grip.  

Psionic Populace

Radan are known for their high percentage of psions - an estimated 60-70% have some degree of psionic ability, compared to 10-15% in cultural groups on other planets. This has affected their culture, from how they view Psionics to how such abilities are woven into the fabric of their society. Due to the Legion occupation, no studies can be done to determine why psionics are so much more common among Radan.
  • Schools assess children for latent psionic abilities and psionic tutelage is included in all coursework. This grants Radan children a greater ability to self-determine their abilities, rather than the more dangerous random selection of those without such support.
  • Several career paths have been built out of psionic techniques, such as telepathic counselors, teleporting first responders, and precognitive financers.
  • Fields of psionic study previously blossomed among Radan, but have since been outlawed by the Emerald Legion.
  • Prior to occupation, law enforcement and justice departments, among others, had departments dedicated to psionic management - uncovering the facts of psionic-based crimes, developing laws around improper use of psionics, and tracking down those using psionics to bring harm to others.

Braiding of Hair

It's incredibly uncommon to encounter any Radan without their hair woven into intricate braids. The type of braid conveys information about the individual - where they're from, their age group, marital status, psionic discipline, even sexual preferences in some cases. Friends and family have regular braiding parties, where they get together with food and entertainment to redress braids in each other's hair, and salons specialize in more difficult styles.
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After the Emerald Legion officially took control of the planet in 3160, they tried to diminish much of the Radan culture and way of life. Legionnaires police the use of psionics and keep their own registry of all psions on the planet. They monitor what's taught in all classrooms, control what information is shared across all mediums, and shut down any sign of rebellion with violent force. They allow a degree of psionic tutelage to prevent a feral problem, but prohibit research and extended studies to improve psionics.   Despite this, the Radan have never stopped resisting, but isolated from any support, the locals had little hope of breaking free from their overpowering captors. However, the Legion Incursion in the main Talos Sector gave others like Tavari Zima means to return to Rada and bring off-planet help. With the discovery that the beloved phoenix was not exitinct but actually held captive by the Legion, the bird quickly became the symbol of a growing Radan resistance.


Key members
Tavari Zima
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Language notes
Radan native language is heavily contextual and doesn't include categories found in most other languages. It has fewer tenses than most and no gendered terms or pronouns. Many sociolinguists believe this why many Radan have a more fluid sense of self, and often come up with creative new uses for their surroundings.

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Author's Notes

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