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February 3229

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February 3229

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Though commonly called a Utopia by its (financially well-endowed) populace, terraforming technology hasn’t yet made this planet’s atmosphere survivable without a suit. Its few hundred inhabitants all reside within expensive biodomes, away from prying eyes.


Kuwei's landscape is a barren mess of toxic clouds spewing from cracks and blue flame lingering above sulfuric lakes. Regular acidic rain leave mountains and rocks in odd bulbous shapes, making the surface appear to be bubbling with abscesses. The contents of the atmosphere paint the sky orange with halos around the two moons when they're visible at all.  


Initial settlements on the planet didn't happen until post-Silence. In 3174, three entrepreneurs established the Kuwei Initiative to promote research into terraforming and further human colonization efforts. Together, bolstered by investors and crowdfunding, they poured millions of credits into developing technology required for humans to survive on the planet.   By 3186, construction on the first biodomes had begun. The stated goal was to house facilities to aid research into terraforming the planet. Once living spaces, food production, and recreation areas were completed, the Initiative founders moved in to prove the domes were sufficient, and top researchers moved in after them.   They found a variety of areas for improvement, that took a few million more credits and additional years to address. Since the project was taking so long, they had their families move in with them. This meant further changes to improve habitability for children, and creating more biodomes to support other interested investors.   Today, there are around 300 inhabitants of the biodomes, between investors, founders, researchers, other staff, and their families. Work continues into terraforming, though most results so far have been for improving the biodomes rather than the atmosphere.  


Those who live on Kuwei will tell you it's a calm, relaxing place of upstanding members of society of who have chosen to dedicate their wealth to the betterment of humanity's future generations. As selfless as they are, they fully recognize the research they're funding won't produce results in their lifetime, but may in their children's or grandchildren's, and thus they are investing in them. They claim their planet is the opposite of its cluster-mate Nisora.  
However, these lies are easily dispersed by following the money. Nearly all funds raised can be tracked to funding the biodomes, adding movie theatres and spas, importing expensive food, furniture, and decorations, even hiring live entertainment.   Audits mean nothing when they can bribe the auditors. They can pay any fee for acquiring illegal items, and fines for getting caught are pittance compared to their vast wealth. Kuwei is no foray into terraforming, but a means for the ultra-rich to create their own utopia, far and away from policing agencies or the lower classes.
Upcoming expenses:
  • Music room accoustic improvements
  • Lap pool
  • Docking bay for the new ship
  • Koi pond + fish
  • Better home gym equipment
  • Larger sauna
  • Private tutor for the kids
  • — Initiative ledger
      While Nisora's lawlessness is in support of personal liberties, Kuwei's is in service to money.
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    3174Kuwei Initiative founded
    3186Biodome construction started
    3187Founders move in
    3189Founders' families move in
    3194Additional investors move in


    Technology Level
    Kuwei is run off modern post-tech, but lacks its own ship manufactory


    Geographic Location | Jun 7, 2024

    The so-called black market planet, Nisora is exempt from the Protectorate's laws.

    Cover image: by Aaron Lee, Nick Ong, Norah Khor


    Author's Notes

    This article was written as part of Summer Camp 2023. Follow the link to learn more.

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