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Run Run Run

Oh...I played that when I was young. I didn't know the origin...
Run run run is a singing game played originally by the kids on the Monochrome section of The Station, but it has spread and is now played by all children on The Station. Children also play it on planets with trade and other agreements with The Station.   Many of the children living in Monochrome have relatives who work as Extractors, and thus they are the ones the most aware of what is going on at the planet of Areu. Many of the people working as Extractors today were people who played this game while young.  


The planet of Areu is overrun by Monsters, however, the planet has a lot of resources that The Station needs. They send the Extractors to the planet to retrieve these resources. The Extractors live on the planet for an extended period of time, fighting for survival.   After a natural phenomenon that sometimes happens over the only settlement on the planet, the monsters stop attacking for a while.  


This game is usually played in parks or on school yards. The game is played in an enclosed area, usually enclosed with chalk pens. The size of the area depends on how many kids are playing and the size that the kids want to use. The minimum amount of players is usually 5, and the minimum size is usually 3x3m.   One of the kids plays the monster. Who is the monster can be decided in any way. The other kids are the people. The monster stands in the middle of the enclosed area, and the other kids stand around the monster at the edges of the enclosed area. They all count down, and then the "people" start singing this:  
Run run run The monsters are a’ comin'   Run run run The monsters are a’ comin'   Run run run   The monsters are a’ comin'   Look look look The skies are full of colors, stop.
  When the monster touches a "person" they will also become a monster. If all the "people" have become monsters before they reach the ending, the monsters win, but if the "people" manage to sing to the end, they win.


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4 Aug, 2023 20:05

I dig the game aspect of this article, it really does feel like a game children would play. Kind of creepy that this game is based on an actual dangerous situation that workers face regularly.   It kind of reminds me of a playground game from when I was a kid but I can't recall what it was called. But it used a similar chalk-based square made of four smaller squares and you could only move to open corners while someone "chased" you. Or something like that, my childhood was a long time ago now lol.

8 Aug, 2023 23:58

Yeah, I didn't know what I wanted to write about in the beginning but then I decided that I wanted to be somehow related to the workers on Areu and the event prompt. So I just threw this together. :)   My childhood was a long time ago as well. XD;; The only childhood game I remember was cops and robbers. XD;;

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Sapha Burnell
10 Aug, 2023 19:34

I want to play this game, then I remember I'm not a kid anymore and would likely break something. Hah! I still love this. Well done.

11 Aug, 2023 05:17

Hehe! XD yeah, the problems with growing older. ^^;;

14 Aug, 2023 15:44

I like the idea of putting the song as a game "timer", like many of our child play does. And the creepy way of making a "fun" child game, actually a training tutorial of sorts, to what is to come once adult, with real danger! I am not sure if would prefer the game to be explained first, for the surprise of what dark reality it lead to. Or in this order, with a dark explanation and then reading the child play with the back of your head thinking about the first part. In any case, great job !

15 Aug, 2023 01:48

Thank you! :3 Yeah, I didn't know what to write about at first so studied several other games like these and decided that I wanted to write about the things taking place on Areu since I had already written about it during SC. :)

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