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Selfish Duckweed

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Stories on Duckweed, Lotus and whales (A Search for Guardians and Artifacts Information)

Toilmonth the 2nd, Year 54 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  In Taegrin's library, I found a story about a fish named Duckweed who slapped a bunch of whales into making him a lotus. But he was never a lotus, just a carrier of lotus.
A note at the end of the story surmised that it must have a story originating from a Duckweed Naiad and their relationship with a Lotus Naiad. There are a lot of Duckweed and Lotus Naiads, so that makes sense. And if any other Naiads love whale meat like me - it was probably just them working out their dinner plans. Hmm, whale meat.
  (food stain)
  However, there was a story that I had heard a bunch when I was a child. So, on the way back to Turien University I went home to ask about the story. I don't think it was exactly the same, but close enough. Anyways, here it is:

The Story of the Selfish Duckweed

A Naiad found a friend inside duckweed. This friend knew some whales, and so they went on an adventure to meet the whales. But before they could meet them, the Naiad wanted a way to make sure that she and her new friend could stay together, even as they trespassed the Ocean. So they hung upside down on a Dryad's branches and called for the Lotus craftsman who made them a compass. it was very pretty and smelled very much like a blooming lotus.
  Unfortunately, they whales were not very impressed with the Naiad, so they ate her. Her friend was furious and called the whales into a duel and fought.
  At the end of the fight, the friend of the Naiad returned to the patch of duckweed they met the Naiad in and cried for the Naiad to awaken from death.
  The Naiad did not come to life, but did leave a seed and the seed birthed a new Naiad. From that time onwards, the patch three current that swings away from the Birthplace has always birthed a Duckweed Naiad that will only create new seeds with a Lotus Naiad or a Dryad craftsman.
  And that's the fifth story of why the Crefts Duckweed Naiads are *like that.*
  So, I'm not sure if this is a story about creating an artifact, or the beginning of a Guardian, or both.
  After a quick survey, there seems to be 172 stories with both Duckweed and Lotus mentioned, 45 stories of Lotus and whales, 56 stories of Duckweed and whales and 82 stories of Duckweed, Lotus and whales. Thus, by my calculations (and ... an old friend) the story is either between 10 and 15 cycles old or 2-3 cycles old.
  Also, I should probably talk to the Crefts ... even though they are *like that*...

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KLO MeiMei (Mermaid Team Member)

Just wait here for a little bit MeiMei. Um, I'll take you back to the University on my back as the Naiad current, okay?

Just a minute is fine. I'm definitely bragging to the others about it later.


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