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Knowledge Liaison Officers

Knowledge liaison officers (KLOs) are much like the librarians of other realms. They originate and live within every race, though most are Humans situated in Human cities. Elves have the second-highest number of KLOs with Beast-kin having the third most. There are always at least two Mermaid KLOs, one Nymph KLO, and one Fairy KLO. These numbers reflect the number of written knowledge bases within each race.   The Humans have written collections from every era, though they do not have the same understanding of them as other races. Elves, too, have written records from each era, but have much sparser reflections as a smaller number of Elves are needed to witness the same generational events of Humans. Elves tend to write summaries of what has happened in their area of Turien, whereas Humans write about anything and everything, ranging from as far across Turien as the other races will let them and constantly trying to find and/or create new knowledge. The pursuit of knowledge has led some Humans (including some generations of Humans) into trouble. But it has also kept Turien from making the same mistakes of the past in regards to caring for and regulating Humans.   KLOs care for the collections of knowledge, from libraries, to museums, to education institutions, to research houses, and all in between. They cannot get a job without the Council of Turien's approval (though that has been more of a short online training module of late) and must abide by the Council's guidelines. They are to liaise any potential threat of knowledge to the Council, and must reference authors and readers according to threat levels. The Council may also send them out on 'knowledge-related' missions.   The largest knowledge bases are the University underneath the Council's Housing and inside the Council's Housing. The positions for a KLO at these two places are the most prestigious for a KLO. Many young officers aspire to work at the two places. Those known as the greatest KLOs through history (only known by mid- to high-ranking KLOs, Council members and other high-ranking members of connected organisations) have worked at at least one, if not both of these to places.


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