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The Council of Turien

The Council of Turien was founded soon after Turien was created. There are six members, each member representing one of the six major races of Fairy, Elf, Nymph, Mermaid, Beast-kin and Human. Every 40-50 years a new set of council members are elected, each race having its own form of election.   The pledge of the Council of Turien is to keep Turien alive and thriving - the environment and the six races. There are two main roles of the Council. The first is to 'get rid of' anything that would cause the collapse of Turien. This has included Forbidding a magic, sending out spies and assassins, and raising Heroes. The second role is to 'care for' Turien. This has included organising festivals, liaising between races, organisations, and diplomatic parties, and raising Heroes.   After the first Magic War the Council decided to relocate their Housing that was at the centre of Turien to above the centre of Turien. Builders from each race were asked to complete a design to allow this. As the Human's had no magic, the other races just laughed as the Human asked for their input by the Council furiously laid out plans through many a sleepness night in order to come up an appropriate design. After approval from the Council, the races each put together their magic in the design by the Human, creating the shaft of the elevator and foundations for the platform in the sky. The Humans created the actual elevator, with the initial builder tweaking the design along the way (overseeing it all).   Known as 'The Elevator', the colourful shaft can be seen across the plains of Turien. It looks somewhat like a giant beanstalk, with the five colours of the magical races intertwining like twisting vines. A bright red colour denotes the Beast-kin, an orange colour the Fairies, a pink colour the Nymphs, a blue colour the Mermaids and a brown colour the Elves. The five vine-like parts that make up the shaft are all made out of condensed magic. Inside, the elevator was originally made with wooden pulleys supplemented by the other races' magics. Over time, this was replaced with metal and electronics. The elevator is now a shiny silver colour with brightly lit yellow buttons.   Today, the Council Housing in the sky of Turien still casts a shadow on the centre of Mid City each and every day.
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