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Turien University

Sonni: Mimi, great news. My discussions with the Council and upper echelons in the Knowledge Liasion System have been fruitful. Once you have completed the 31 reports required for KLO-1, you will promoted to an apprentice of the Search and Rescue department for the duration of your time as a KLO-2. Once promoted to KLO-3, you may choose to go down any pathway, including medical. As your situation is unique, I will continue to be your Supervisor for your KLO-2 term and part of your KLO-3 term alongside your required supervisors in the Search and Rescue department and whichever department you end up choosing for your KLO-3 term (unless you decide to head down my KLO pathway, in which case I will stay as your only supervisor).
Taegrin: I've heard the news Mimi. Better hurry and finish those reports, then. If you stay in Mid-City to do so, I'll help where I can. 

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes:

Analysemonth the 8th, Year 53 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  In the middle of Mid-City is Turien University. Although it is technically a part of Mid-City, it is basically its own little town. It also just happens to be the headquarters of the Knowledge Liasion System, where Knowledge Liason Officers (KLO) like myself work. 

Human Power

As the University is in a Human City, the Chancellor's position has always been given to a Human. Most of the lecturers are also Human, and so are almost all of the students of the University. For all extensive purposes, it looks like a normal Human establishment run by Humans for Human use. Due to its location and educational prestige, the University is seen as the pride of Mid City. Humans come from all over Turien to study here, and working here holds high acclaim. For Humans, working for the government is the only other position with higher prestige. 

The Library

The Head Librarian of Turien University is a KLO-9. They are often Human, to keep up the Human power facade, but many times they are another race living in their Human disguise. The Library is the largest building of the University, comprised of nine known levels. There are seven levels that can be accessed by students (though some are reserved for thesis students). One level is only accessed by staff and diplomats (the Council sponsors this level specifically for a diplomatic safe grounds) and the lowest level of the nine is the basement. 
  Of course, there are other levels of the library, both below and above, as well as extensions to the sides. The outer levels are hidden from the public using a variety of magics and the underground level is only accessed via locked doors which are also hidden to the public. These areas comprise the headquarters of the Knowledge Liasion System.

Knowledge Liasion System

A large chunk of KLO are publically employed by Turien University. Everyone is employed by the Council, but what their positions and resume say are not exactly 'I'm a Knowledge Liasion Officer, successful spy and all-round awesome person', which is what my resume should say, but instead, it reads, 'Exchange student.' Apparently, most Nymphs are registered as university exchange students, regardless of what type of KLO we want to be. Thinking positively, this has given me a reason to hang out with Magenta and help with her thesis. 
  Apart from the Library, there are a few other buildings that are used for the Knowledge Liasion System. The three closest buildings to the Elevator are some of them. Most of the super secret things are above, on the floating cloud island that houses the Council of Turien. I haven't been to those places yet - but I might be able to if I get promoted. 


Libraries are great for hiding secrets. 
Taegrin: She was fine yesterday. But she hasn't been fine since a few hours before submitting her report... I'm unable to be with her right now - can you look after for a bit? 
  Sonni: Just when Hero Steve 'borrowed' Magenta too. Ah, I'll see what I can do. 
Sonni: I know you had a few weeks off Mimi, and had a hard start to the year, but please remember that things we have talked about before. In particular, does your conclusion summarise what has been said in the article? Other things to talk about: 
  • The layout of the university (E.g. the library is in the centre with the schools in a semi-circle around it; the back of the university holds the sports grounds and extends into Halves Forest)
  • The size of the university (what makes a town on its own? Though it is more of a district or ward according to the Human government)
  • Types of facilities (E.g. there is a shopping mall and food plaza; student accommodation; theatre; the various schools; swimming pool and gym; library; etc.)
  • Why the Humans value this place as a place of power (E.g. Its reputation and closesness to the Council of Turien)
  • What does the Knowledge Liasion System bring to the University? (E.g. you mention exchange students, but where are they from and why are they important to the university?)
  • Also, I've heard that the Mermaid Council Member, Mayder, has brought some of AB's cookies to share with you. They are a new recipe, apparently. 
      Council Notes
    Elder Jazzach is spiralling into worry over her brother. New cookies and the spear artifact, it seems. Guess Mimi is why the new cookies are a thing. Let's hope the spear isn't as disastrous as Elder Jazzach is making it out to be.

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