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Vthia's Vengeance (Vih-THEE-ah)

She screamed and gelded every one...   Among Deres' many accomplishments, he had one crucial failure: he did not warn his favorite granddaughter Vthia to avoid the Eastern Jungle at all costs, nor did he explain why. With his health failing, Vthia took it upon herself to continue his legacy of discovery in search of additional resources for the Thangien people. Heedless of risk, she took her seven daughters and a company of men into the gloom thinking treasures wait within. In order for future generations to avoid the same mistake, instructors at Raaezen spread this tale both to warn of the duplicitous nature of the unicorn-men and explain the creation of the infamous punishment which would bear Vthia's name.


The story takes place in three stages: the Expedition, the Murder, and the Retaliation. Vthia's daughters are never named in either historical records nor literature, but it is always specified that her "youngest" falls ill and is later murdered. The rhyme only covers the period where Vthia enters the jungle and her revenge, not the repercussions or aftermath.

Historical Basis

Not a single individual on Thanged hasn't heard of Vthia's Vengeance. Even Roth Goddess of Victory knows what happened that fateful day. Vthia made sure to recount events as brutally accurate as possible, and none in her company dared gainsay her. The author of the rhyme itself remains unknown whether one of Vthia's surviving daughters or a member of her company.


The rhyme is recounted frequently by instructors at Raaezen and most high-ranking houses. Only Oldworlders remain ignorant of the brutal history concerning the Natives and the Eastern Jungle.  
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  Far Star Traveler
"Ander Vai-Stel-Vethu!" Ander glanced over his shoulder and saw a group of half a dozen or so men walk up to him. He paused in the middle of his work and strode out to the fence. "Some of the Lonesteaders have seen young Aurora running out to the edge of the fields and keeping company with a young Native..." the lead man began in a grim tone. Ander's gaze roved about and he furrowed his brow, splaying his fingers and shaking his head.   "...And?" The rest of the men fidgeted and exchanged looks. "She says he's a friend. She calls him Teepa. She says they sit and talk and share meals together. She knows how to protect herself. She nearly beat the tar out of Azuro..." Ander shrugged absently. The lead man sucked in air through his teeth.   "Listen...you are an Oldworlder...you do not know our histories, but you should know how dangerous it is to associate with a Native, no matter the age. Read the old tales, ask Yainae. 'The Harrowing of Cassatina', 'Vthia's Vengeance'... We have a saying here on Thanged: Nothing good comes from the Eastern Jungle."   "Well I appreciate your concern...but we have a saying on my world: MIND. YOUR. OWN. DAMN. BUSINESS." Ander replied tightly and scowled, turning to leave, his hand brushing against Gold Wing. The men looked exasperated but did not press the issue further, knowing too well Ander's skill with a blade.

Variations & Mutation

Being one of the first stories formally archived rather than relegated to oral tradition, there are virtually no variations save for alternate wording of certain verses. The beat of the tale remains the same throughout each version. The rhyme only specifies what happens to the males, but historically her surviving daughters slaughtered the young and females while Vthia herself dealt with the males. It's never specified whether they rode on pegacorns or traveled on foot, but in most tellings and artwork Vthia and her company are mounted on pegacorn steeds.

Cultural Reception

Oddly enough Vthia's Vengeance recieves far more publicity than Ritho's Smiting, despite the Mourning Mother inflicting unfathomable amounts of damage to the Native civilization.

In Literature


Into Eastern Jungle Vthia trod
Seeking what Deres left unsought   With seven daughters and seven-score men
They braved the darkness found within   But soon party's haste did slow
Fever brought Vthia's youngest low   Neither Richtho tea nor chorinae juice
Could banish illness nor fever soothe   Upon a village they did chance
Hoping unicorn men aid might grant   Unicorn men could not be found
Within the walls of their compound   Vthia left daughter and a score of men
With food and goods to offer them   Outside the walls did Vthia ride
Daughters and company at her side   She returned soon after a short bit
Her men and daughter's throats were slit   When she saw what unicorn men had done
She screamed vengeance upon every one   No matter how she searched and sought
The unicorn men refused to be fought   "A trap we must lay" one of Vthia's daughters said
They planned and waited and pitched tents instead   Darkness fell the unicorn men crept
Seeking to murder all within who slept   Nowhere could Vthia's company be found
They sprang up from hiding underground   Seizing the unicorn men with haste
Using torch to block their escape   "Spare us! Spare us!" unicorn men mocked
Remorse or contrition they felt naught   Vthia stood cold with grief and hot with rage
Both Ritho and her daughter she must assuage   In vengeance for what the unicorn men had done
She screamed and gelded every one.

In Art

One of the circular story windows on Raaezen's upper level is dedicated to this event, portraying a rather graphic depiction of Vthia holding down a squirming Native male with her left hand on his throat and forcibly castrating him with her right.
"The sentence structure is straightforward enough for something so ancient, but I'm...getting more of a 'Lizzy Borden' vibe than Mother Goose..."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
"It really is saying something when even the Four Queens found themselves at a loss. Roth and Eyurodin were horrified by what Vthia had done while Ritho and Witheren endorsed it wholeheartedly. If the Natives hadn't forgotten what Ritho had done, they certainly wouldn't forgive this!"
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
Date of First Recording
2800 B.C. (4800 years Earth-Time)
Date of Setting
Roughly fifty years after the conclusion of the City Strife
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"Supposedly Unor was so disgusted at Vthia he refused to go near her, unable to see the little girl he once befriended. He only saw blood staining her hands, and it remained this way until Vthia's death decades later..."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian
"One of Raaezen's famous 'story windows' captures the scene in chilling detail. The artist did a frighteningly good job of portraying Vthia's raw anguish, her rage! To this day vthiasaking remains a act sanctioned only under great anger."
— Sarah Ann Goode, xenohistorian

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