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The Refugee Crisis was a great time of suffering for the mortal races who were fleeing to Miyla to escape various persecutions. Families were often separated from each other and never found each other again.
"Hope in a petal, stock, and bloom. We will be reunited on the marrow. Wait, wait, patience will pay. We will find each other again. Reunion will come and we will be together again."


The purpose of the nursery rhythm was to provide hope to children that they will be reunited with their families even though it would unlikely. Although it was supposed to be hopeful there is still a dark undertone because many people were never reunited during the crisis.

Historical Basis

The myth is based on the Refugee Crisis where many mortals fled to Miyla and, in the chaos, separated from their families, and in many cases, they never found each other again. During this time the Reunion Lily became a symbol of reunion and were exchanged as gifts by family members who found each other. In modern days the flower is given to loves after being separated for a long time. Children sang the song to comfort them because some of them got separated from their parents. In the modern era it is just a fun song that children sing.


The myth is one of the most widespread myths on Miyla because the mortal races are far spread so there are several versions of the myth in all of the regions and countries in Miyla.

Variations & Mutation

Almost every ethnicity that is mortal that moved to Miyla has a version of this story with also different version throughout the many regions as well.

Cultural Reception

The rhythm and the symbol of the Reunion Lily helped to bring hope to the people.
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2,000 - 4,000
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