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Reunion Lily

"Ya know, they symbolize reunion. Lovers would give this flower to each other when they were reunited."

Basic Information


The plant has six petals that create a star-like pattern that is bright orange and yellow. The stem is light green with a single longleaf.

Biological Traits

These lilies have six petals that create a star pattern and are colored from the core yellow and orange with soft colors. They have stems and roots that are sturdy helping the flower to stay upright. Each one is a single longleaf that grows from the base of the stem to just shy of the top of the stem where the bloom is.

Genetics and Reproduction

The flower is pollinated by the local insects that take the pollen to other plants to help them reproduced.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like most plants, this one photosynthesizes and drinks water.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

An Alchemist can use reunion lilies to create healing potions by grounding up the core of the plant which makes the lilies' soothing scent more potent. Since the lily has a calming and pleasant scent the flowers can be used to help alleviate feelings of shock and severe stress. In a potion, the smell can be used like smelling salts to revive a person who has fainted.   Like other lilies, these are also editable and the young shoots, leaves, and flowers can all be eaten, however, the most nourishing part is the bulb. Since the people who grow these flowers are interested in the symbolism of the flower they are rarely served as food.


The Humans have carried over some of their thoughts and feelings of lilies from their home world, Earth. According to orange lilies symbolize confidence and energy full of warmth and positivity while the the yellow lilies symbolize thankfulness, joy, and friendship and awaken feelings of happiness in people. Since this flower has both colors the humans combine the meanings together.   The reason why all of the races from Elder and Younger all agree that this flower symbolizes reunion is because of The Great Dragon Wars which happened because of the Refugee Crisis  a time in Miyla's history where a lot of the dragons opened their world to people who couldn't openly practice magic. Both of these events increased the usage of Portals which separated lots of people from their friends and family. When they were reunited they would give each other one of these lilies because they were cheap and easy to get. After the portals were closed and even a bit before that the lilies were mainly given by lovers after they had been separated for a long time.  


The flowers are a common gift among lovers who are in long-distance relationships when they meet each other. Some jewelers have created jewelry based on the flower that is also a common gift. Since the flower is so popular it is not uncommon to find it in arrangements and on clothes. Some mortals use these lilies as decorations for Kruchs Söl a holiday that celebrates the Ratification Kruchs Kottser  which protects mortals from being killed by Shifter Dragons and Kruchs Kottser the laws that granted that protection. Kruchs Söl to most mortals is also a time to remember their ancestors who were not able to reunite with each other on Miyla in hopes that they are were able to reunite in the afterlife. However, some just buy these flowers for Kruchs Söl because they like them or because they are finally reunited or have some downtime together. Due to these traditions, the price of reunion lilies has gone up and has made them a coveted gift among poorer people and a less common gift among the middle and working classes.  
Scientific Name
Liliaceae Lilium
Conservation Status
These flowers are popular with florists and some of their clients and so several gardens that supply them with this popular flower.
Geographic Distribution
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