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Song of the Falling Stars

Better to admire them and know when to run, I suppose...
— befuddled mother
  The Song of the Falling Stars, more commonly known as Shining, Shining, is a children's song written by an unknown author about the Elegies of Nyx. It serves as a method of teaching children about the elegies, particularly if they live in an area prone to them, and opens a broader conversation about harsher topics like danger and mortality that otherwise might be neglected.   It is a common song among children, who take to the repetitive tune with ease and often choose to accompany their own singing with instruments of questionable skill level.  

Lyrical Analysis

Light Elegy by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
Shining, shining, stars are shining high...
— the song
  The first three paragraphs of the song speak of the more beneficial forms of an elegy of Nyx - those that deposit rainbow-coloured ichor of Elpis that is an great boon to those who find it.   It references children collecting and wearing the ichor - historically, these have both been ways to derive perceived luck from the glittering liquid, albeit not the best nor safest methods.   Interestingly, the song does not reference making wishes using ichor. As wishes are seemingly the primary purpose of ichor, the absence of their mention suggests that either the song derives from a culture or time unaware of this connection...
  ...or that the song's writer deliberately chose to leave out this reference in hope that the children would end up passing collected ichor to their parents to be used for less dangerous things than the wishes of impressionable young minds.  
Burning, burning, skies are burning red...
— the song
The next three paragraphs instead refer to the more twisted, violent forms that an elegy of Nyx can take - and as the storms can and often do feature both manifestations, it should come as no surprise that the song covers both aspects.   It serves as a warning to children that the beautiful lights in the sky can be far more dangerous than they initially though, and urges them to get away.   This section has been criticised by many parents for being far too harsh with the topic of death, especially with the deliberate inclusion of a mention of fire consuming a grandmother's house.   The children singing the song rarely seem bothered by these inclusions, instead creating their own dances and games to match the lyrics and challenge each other to small timed battles of "elegy survival" as part of their childish races.   Some suspect that, because of these personal details, the song is written from true personal experience with an elegy - and the loss they can bring.
Crimson Elegy by Hanhula (via Midjourney)
  Finally, the song reinforces its message: it is a warning. It tells of what could happen, and warns that though the skies could bring luck, they could also bring great pain. It advises children to flee and let their parents handle problems, and then allows the song to loop itself.   This final line, the loop, is the bane of many parents who find their children singing the ditty repeatedly for far longer than their ears can bear.
Hope of an Elegy of Nyx by Hanhula (via Midjourney)


Four children performing and singing the song have been recorded for your convenience.   Recording of the song
Dreams of an Elegy of Nyx by Hanhula (via Midjourney)



Song of the Falling Stars

  Shining, shining, stars are shining high   Brilliant, burning, in the night sky   Shining, twirling, they begin to fall   Sparkles, sparkles, all across the walls     Splashing in sparkles shining on the floor   Dancing in moonlight painting all our door   Skies fall, lights fall, all over the ground   Pick it up, paint it on, luck that we have found     Shining, shining, stars are shining high,   Silver white, palest blue, colours from the sky   It falls onto whitest snow and colours it with light   Rainbow pretty colours shining very bright     Burning, burning, skies are burning red   Run away, run away, or you'll end up dead   Raining, angry, fire begins to fall   Black-red, black-red, all across the walls     Splashing through embers sparking on the floor   Fleeing from the fire creeping up our door   Skies fall, lights fall, all over the ground,   Never look, never touch, darkness we have found     Burning, burning, skies are burning red,   Scarlet red, sable black, colours of the dead,   It falls onto grandma's house and sets it all alight   Scary fiery colours burning very bright     This song is an elegy for those distant lights   Luck or fire, dark and so so bright   Mysteries for parents, for us to stay away   So sing it all again to remind us all to say...  

Cover image: Song of Falling Stars cover by Hanhula (via Midjourney)


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