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Out of sight, out of his mind

Like a combination of massive boulders smashing, great thunderbolts crashing, and the cacophonic sound of thousands of delirious cries all at once -- Qetzel's laughter echos across the land.
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Ezcoran local.
  Those who are yet unused to being near to Qetzel report their hair standing on end, teeth involuntarily clenched, and chills down their spine as the the broken God-husk floats laughing above the dry riverbeds and lush forests of Ezcor. He levitates slowly along the landscape, a good 100m or so above the surface; a massive 400m tall titan with torn skin hanging loosely, with clusters of luminous blue crystals growing endlessly across his body, periodically breaking off and falling to the ground, littering the strange meandering path he floats along in central Ezcor.   Qetzel's flesh is a soft pink, and it is generally wrapped tightly around his wirey and coarse muscles; in places where the skin is shredded or cut, the muscles ripple and quiver where they are exposed to the cold mountain air. Both of his arms end in large blades that seem to be a part of his body; his pink flesh stretches from forearm to blade tip.  

Twisted Sense

Qetzel absolutely saw and knew things that others did not; what he whispered to people would often drive them mad, or cause them to erupt into tears. It's not known, however, if what he could see was truly mind breaking, or if that part of the story was just another twisted joke of his, intended to scare and amaze the mortals.
— A history of Volsinki
  Qetzel was once the god of Sight and Mind; it was often reported that what he was able to percieve would break not only the minds of mere mortals, but also that of his fellow gods. He'd use this supposed otherworldly knowledge to taunt humanity and the other deities, with dark whispers and cruel jokes.
Of them all, Avartarian was targeted the most, either due to physical proximity or some other determinant; so when The Seven Day War broke out, it took but a single day for Avartarian to pay Qetzel a final visit. It's said that Qetzel welcomed Avartarian with a wide smile and an empty, soulless laugh -- one that hasn't ended, even to this very day.  

Scraps from The Comprilith

  • A list of hundreds of names, said by Qetzel to be cursed names that bring only ruin and sorrow to their bearers.
  • A massive whetstone found in an otherwise empty room, thought to have been used by Qetzel to sharpen the blades at the ends of his arms.

    The Cult of the Mind

    Of all the gods, Qetzel was liked least overall; be it by humanity or other deities, distrust and disdain were directed at him more than any other. While to most this was absolutely deserved negative attention, there were still those that thought otherwise, instead worshiping him with a fervor not seen in any other case -- Qetzel's followers, the Cult of the Mind. They believed in an all encompassing story termed "The Grand Conspiracy"; stating in general terms that all, humans and gods alike, were simply pawns in a great game being put on by Qetzel.   Qetzel, of course, loved this. He'd play up the conspiracy, pit his followers against the followers of other gods, and spread rumours all intended to further this narrative, much to the ire of every other god. It's still unknown if it was all a great joke to the god, or if there actually was a dark and twisted truth behind Qetzel's inscrutable antics.


    Born on the 11th day of the 19 Days of Creation.

    Kill Count

    Killed none during The Seven Day War.


    Died on 2nd day of The Seven Day War.

    Killed by

    Killed by Avartarian.

    Present-day Power



    Qetzel has never once touched the ground again since the Seven Day War; he floats roughly 100m off the ground, at a pace of a few hundred meters per day, drifting slowly across the landscape.

    Creation and Destruction

    From his gaping wounds where giant flaps of skin hang loose grows massive luminous crystals; they seem to endlessly grow larger until gravity takes hold and they break, dropping to the ground far below. The path Qetzel weaves is littered with the shattered pieces of both the crystals he grows and the wreckage of whatever the crystals fall upon.


    What were once vivid blue eyes full of devious cunning are now dead crystalline orbs, incapable of sight. Qetzel still appears to try and move his eyes -- the muscles around them are constantly flexing as if he's trying to look around -- yet the God-husk responds to no optical stimuli, and is thought to be entirely blind.

    Every death, every tragedy, it's all simply a part of Qetzel's grand plan; our great visionary leader can see the beyond, the truth of our very existence, and he knows the end of our tale. Without his actions, the pieces in play would cease to move. Even in his death, his influence still permeates all.
    — Cult of the Mind

    Blind leading the Blind

    Qetzel's Hands

      Unlike every other one of the gods, Qetzel's weapons are a part of his actual body. The god liked to tell people that he had his actual hands removed by Codod and Farad, the smithing gods responsible for all the other gods' weapons, with them then grafting pieces of otherwordly steel onto his bloody stumps. Then Qetzel spent months stretching the skin from his forearms down to cover his newly attached personal weaponry.  

    Maximum Potential

    If there was any supernatural power within Qetzel's arm blades, the record of it has been lost to the ages. That hasn't stopped the Cult of the Mind from spouting tales of the true power of their god's arms, however. It's most commonly said by the Cult that a cut from Qetzel's blades will mark someone as "worthy", and protect them from the "others". However they also report more fantastical powers, such as Qetzel being able to tear actual rifts into reality with a casual swipe of his arm.  

    Current Power

    These days a strange humming can be heard around Qetzel, with the sound being at its loudest right next to the blades -- seemingly originating from them. The hum seems mostly harmless; however anyone that experiences it for too long is likely to break out into fits of laughter, with longer periods of listening to the hum resulting in exponentially longer periods of laughing.  
    Take hold of the ritual blade, gemstone born of our lord and sharpened by glorious purpose, and plunge it into yourself. Let flow the lies of life and bathe in your newly awakened state of mind; see the world for what it truly is. Take your place in Qetzel's grand game.
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    — Cult of the Mind
      In the many thousands of years since The Seven Day War, Qetzel's followers have grown ever more twisted. Multiple times throughout history they've led themselves into total ruin, entirely wiping out all followers that existed at the time; yet scraps of written history or vague rumours of their organization remain, gaining notoriety until the cult begins again, similar, yet stranger than ever before. Each iteration seems to build on the ruins left by the former, and any rituals that survive become more and more twisted, violent, and horrific each time.  

    The Followers

    The truly dedicated of the cult, or those that are undergoing intensive month long initiation, follow behind the slowly levitating God-husk as he floats across the wilderness. The goal is the same for both new and experienced members -- to be blessed enough to be struck by a falling crystal, having pure random chance dictate whether or not someone is "chosen".  

    Qetzel's Crystals

    The crystals themselves are said to exhibit the same strange humming properties as Qetzel's arm blades; strangely, however, this humming is not able to be heard by all -- it can't even be picked up by recording instruments. Those who can hear the hum seem to have a shared weakness though: being more susceptible to influence and social pressure than most. It is these people who more often than not end up becoming the new initiates in the Cult of the Mind.  
    Black Market Influence
    High ranking members of the Cult, armed with this knowledge, ship crates of crystals around the world along with what they call their "Eyes" -- chosen cultists sent to spread the word of Qetzel and recruit more followers.   The Eyes work stealthily to infiltrate the general public, crystal in hand, searching for the telltale cues that someone is susceptible to the the unseen truth. With disarming conversation they make their opening, and begin to influence their new friend.
    Do I like selling "magic" rocks to these people? No. They make my skin crawl. Does the money they pay me outweigh my discomfort? Absolutely. More than covers it. Am I worried about how they have so much cash? ...Maybe.
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    — Ezcoran local

    Cover image: Qetzel by Stormbril, background by Giuseppe Famiani


    Author's Notes

    I loved delving into the creepy and the odd with this one :D Maybe in the future I'll write an organization article for the Cult of the Mind, too!

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    Dec 22, 2022 20:54 by Aster Blackwell

    Gaaa each new husk is just so fascinating. This guy is absolutely terrifying. There's just something so unnerving about how he's just floating there, laughing... Does he have a specific path that he loops around or does he travel randomly?

    Dec 22, 2022 22:41 by Stormbril

    I love to hear that :D Thank you Aster!   The Cult of the Mind would likely tell you that yes, he does have a specific path, but it's difficult to interpret... everyone else would tell you that he seems to travel randomly across the landscape, however :P

    Dec 23, 2022 00:33 by Starfarer Theta

    Never heard that laughter, and not sure I want to. And yet, it could be that I had already heard it long ago in some memory of mine locked away. Maybe he played a role in my present circumstance? Then again, maybe my luck was just that bad- the kind of joke that would make a god like him laugh and drive mortals like me to the deep well of insanity! - Nemo, World Traveler

    Dec 23, 2022 03:45 by Stormbril

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    Stylish as always. Too bad I haven't seen the word "deceive" anywhere though.

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