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Wandering the shallow oceans

Listen. You've gotta be real careful when Sharenskus is in the area. The wake that thing leaves, the tides he creates...   He'll pull you out to sea faster than you can say "He'an help me."
— Heyrt, captain of the Voliliky
  Sharenskus stands over 400 meters tall; he weighs in at over 450,000 tonnes. Every step he takes pulverizes the seafloor below him, as he trudges through the oceans between the continents of Russin and Eriall. The two faces of Sharenskus stare blankly into the distance, mouth ajar -- a constant flow of water pours out of the mouths. Two of his four arms slowly grasp at thin air, as if he were trying to grasp the nearest hand holds. With the other two, Sharenskus firmly grasps his sword, a massive katana that is nearly the same height as the God-husk himself.   Present-day sailors that live in or trade with the countries near Sharenskus know of the danger he poses. Many a careless sailor has found themselves rapidly pulled off course, directly into the path of Sharenskus's legs. A single step taken by the god creates tides strong enough to pull out even the largest ships, which soon find themselves smashed to pieces by the god's powerful legs.  
I once saw this captain. Real arrogant, hotshot kinda kid. Don't go near em, I say, it's not worth it. But nah, he decides he's gonna risk it to save 2 days travel. The idiot kid directs his barge straight behind Sharenskus, direct shot. I watched as him, the barge, and all 12 sailors aboard got dragged into Sharenskus's legs. There was nothing left but flotsam.
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— Heyrt, captain of the Voliliky

Before death

Like all the other gods, there exists tidbits of lore hidden within the confines of The Comprilith. However, information on Sharenskus's habits before his death are sparse. Half burnt texts show that Sharenskus was always most interested in cultivating life on the continents Russin and Eriall. In particular, the God appears to have shown a fondness for Russin; he helped to clear land and create water sources, allowing for more efficient farming in the continent's early days.  

Scraps from The Comprilith

  • One broken slate, found over 10km from the Comprilith, shows Sharenskus used to reside over the domains of Growth, Travel, and Balance.
  • A book found almost entirety decomposed had only one readable portion on it: "...Sharens.. ... ...Sword: The endless Katana, Meyanten".
  • The main book regarding Sharenskus showed the god once bartered a treaty between Russin and the Winter Giants. It details the good working relationship between the three gods.

  • The Seven Day War

    The people of Cathedris managed to record only some of the events of the Seven Day civil war between the gods; the fighting was so intense, it nearly destroyed all life on the planet. It sent civilization back to the stone age, and forced it to once again evolve to its modern era.   One of the few pieces of remaining information is a book titled "Deep water; endless knight". In it is a series of five poems detailing the last three days of the civil war. The fourth poem tells of how Sharenskus had his heart broken during an altercation with the Winter Giants, Codod and Farad, sadly concluding with Sharenskus killing the Winter Giants in hand to hand combat.
      The Fifth poem is a short and brutal account, telling of how Avartarian stalked, and eventually murdered Sharenskus, near the capital city of Russin. Avartarian, known as The First Knight, is a massive, armoured behemoth of a god. He used his exceptionally long reach to gain the best of Sharenskus, before mercilessly snapping the smaller god's neck.


    Born on the 3rd day of the 19 Days of Creation.

    Kill Count

    Two gods killed during The Seven Day War.


    Killed on the 6th day of The Seven Day War.

    Killed by

    Avartarian, the First Knight.

    Present-day Power


    Sharenskus maintains a pace faster than most of the other God-husks, with the long strides he takes. He can cover an approximate 5 leagues every hour, depending on sea floor conditions.


    In his current form, the God-husk creates endless water, pouring from his two mouths. It cascades down his chiselled body, flooding the shallow oceans.


    Every step taken by the God-husk destroys more of the seafloor, as he wanders a directionless path. Ships stand no chance, should the be unfortunate enough to venture near Sharenskus.


    Hidden behind his blank white eyes is a shadow of awareness; he grasps weakly at thin air around him. He does not react to any outside influence however; whatever he is seeing, it only exists within the shattered mind of the god.



    Husk State

    Endless Katana, Meyanten

    This 300m long Katana is made out of an unknown, god-like metal, forged from materials that have existed since before the beginning of time. Its blade is razor-sharp, and blindingly white, though not without small nicks and imperfections on its edge. The handle appears to be made from the polished trunk of a massive, ancient tree. For the entirety of its existence, it had only one wielder: Sharenskus. Scholars have been unable to determine the extent of its former power, and instead, provide unsubstantiated guesses based on its current power level in the hands of a God-husks.


    Maximum Potential

    Unknown. Theorized to have had the power to erase large swathes of reality in a single swipe. Like other God weapos, it may have even been able to "project" it's power, creating a ray or a blast. Scholars believe they may never know.


    Current Power

    An aura of deletion. Anything that gets within 5m of the blade vanishes from existence. If Sharenskus wanted to, he could cut through down to the very core of the planet using Meyanten. However, in his current state, Sharenskus simply drags Meyanten through the oceans he walks -- voiding out any water that comes too close to the massive blade.
    I like to sit on the shores outside of town on the days when Sharenskus is near, y'know. It's a beautiful sight, if you catch him at just the right time. The sun slowly setting behind him, sparking off the waves he leaves behind. Sometimes I find myself wondering what he was like before he died. Was he kind to our ancestors? Was he worthy of worship?
    — Musings of an Old Woman, outskirts of Shorton, Estana.
      Sharenskus, in modern times, walks a slow loop around the entire continent of Russin. Russin is surrounded by warm, shallow oceans. The oceans quite often take on a murky transparency, as Sharenskus pulverizes the sea floor below, stirring up large amounts of silt into the water. The God-husk has been walking the same loop for over 3,000 years, and as such, the local wildlife has adapted and evolved to fit this environment.  

    Wildlife and Industry

    In the muddy, debris-filled wake left by the God-husk, schools of fish flock. Massive schools of bottom-feeding fish swarm behind Sharenskus, as each step kicks up nutrients into the water. This, in turn, draws the large predators of the shallow oceans; strange, and fast meat-eating creatures, who feed on the swarms of smaller fish. The fishing industries of the nearby countries, Russin, Estana, and Falaradun, have adapted to this as well. Fishing fleets will be seen casting their nets a few leagues behind Sharenskus, catching their fill.  

    Weather patterns

    Both the moon He'an and Sharenskus affect the tides of the Shallow Oceans, thus they are hard to predict. Weather patterns are therefore also quite difficult to predict. Modern meteorology has progressed to a point where they can make guesses at the weather with some reliability, however. Meteorologists base their predictions off of two main factors. The changing currents and tides created by the "Endless Water" produced by Sharenskus, and the constant voiding of water around his sword Meyanten. Using this model, they're able to determine future weather with 60% reliability.  

    A Deity to Some

    While ancient texts show that Sharenskus was the local deity for citizens living all across both Russin and Eriall, in modern days, this is no longer the case. The two countries that share the continent Eriall, Estana and Falaradun, no longer have the same sense of loyalty to Sharenskus. Only the hardy people of Russin still worship the God-husk. Russinians pray to Sharenskus, and observe every pass-by the God-husk makes as it slowly circles their continent. Certain, more radical followers, believe that young Russinians cannot call themselves an adult if they have not "Split the Stride" -- a feat which involves taking a high speed steam ship or sail boat, and captaining it between the God-husks legs while he is in mid-stride.


    Author's Notes

    Any comments, criticisms, comments, or likes are supremely appreciated! I love to know if people enjoy what I make, and I love to know what I can do to improve. :)

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    Dec 2, 2019 15:50 by Arklaw

    Is there a fable about why he is constantly drooling? Like a perfect dish he can't forget and yearns for even today?

    Dec 2, 2019 18:27 by Stormbril

    Lmao, good question! Maybe some godly food that existed before the war. :D   It's actually a part of his godly powers, that are broken and malfunctioning in his God-husk state. As he was the God of "Balance" and the likes before, he would control creation and destruction. As it is now, the creation part is broken, and he's constantly creating massive flow of water, drooling out of his mouth :P

    Dec 2, 2019 16:28 by Elias Redclaw

    Okay. I just wanted to say.   Wow. This article is just beautiful. Simply beautiful. You did an amazing job at depicting a Sinister godlike figure who haunts the oceans . Just every part of this article is amazing. The descriptions about him and his weapon, His backstory and everything else are just amazing to read. I just loved reading everything about him! Definitely one of the best deity articles i have seen on WA!   I had a few content related questions (too sleepy for formatting help lol.   1) Are there any people who worship Sharenskus? Can he corrupt people and make them his Followers? If they do exist, a small section about them and a link to a separate article would Really enrich this article!   2) How did Sharenskus come into being?   Alas, I havent slept for around 50 hours so i sadly cant give much more feedback. But i am really Excited to see your WE content. Heres to hoping you rock WE! Congrats and keep up the amazing work!

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    Thanks, Elias! I always really appreciate your comments :)   The people of Russin worship him! Their country had a very close relationship with the god, before the Seven Day War, 3000 years ago. Over time, once civilization re-built, the re-kindled that relationship in the form of worship of the God-husk. I'll definitely be writing about their country and culture in general!   The god husks can't intentionally corrupt people -- they don't have any mental functions left to do so (they're pretty much zombies). However, there are still some weird effects that may happen if someone comes into contact with the gods, or their blood, or other things!   Go get some sleep, yo! Glad you liked it :) Gonna be developing this world as best I can!

    Dec 2, 2019 22:24

    I can already tell I'm going to love this setting. This is such a wonderfully weird entity already and I'm greatly looking forward to the other god-husks! :D   If his katana is constantly destroying the water around it, does it mean that, in time, he will eventually drain the oceans of water?

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    Just wait till you find out how certain cultures do magic in this setting :D   He likely would drain the oceans! It might even be the reason why there's an entire region known as the "Shallow Oceans". Thankfully he's also continuously producing water, out of his two mouths, but whether or not that offsets the effects of his katana is unknown.

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    Thanks so much for the comment, friend! :D I really truly appreciate it -- it's a wonderful thing to read, always.   I'm so glad you enjoyed the article as well!   Your interest in "Deep Water; Endless Knight" has me excited. It might be pretty fun to set that up as a Document article! I've never written poetry, but I could try! Haha. Sharenskus was a pretty nice god before death, and I'd definitely enjoy showing that in a unique way.

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    That's something I'll absolutely have to consider! I enjoy fitting in a tiny bit more info than just *who* did the killing, but I agree the dual "killed by" is a bit much. It's a balancing act, fitting juuust enough info into those tiny spots, in order to format things how I want.

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