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Splitting the Stride, a Cathedris short story by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Are you sure this is a good idea?
— Quinn shouted over the sound of the engine
  Have you ever wanted a short story that takes place in Cathedris? Maybe one that details the very first God-husk I ever made in this world, and the first city (and best!) that were written for Cathedris as well?  


Splitting the Stride: A Cathedris Short Story

As a part of the World-building-secret-santa set up by Kros of Phaldorya/S'ard fame, I was super lucky to have Emy draw Cathedris and write a short story set in it! The story is set in The Coastal City-state of Russin, Russin, and is a gloriously dark tale that absolutely nails the tone that Cathedris has. It features some of my favourite locations in Russin, as well as Sharenskus, the first God-husk I wrote and the one that holds a special place in my heart!   Seriously, this story is really really really good. Go and read it! And if you haven't yet, make sure to follow Emy and follow her fantastic world, Etrea! In fact, why don't you check out the introduction to it!


My love for this is immense. Well done!
— MaybeStewartArtist
This is absolutely incredible! You've brought Cathedris, and especially Russin, alive in a way I haven't seen before and it's perfect! The characters are great and I can really imagine every scene, as they're described and painted so perfectly. Just amazing work here, Emy :D <3
— Stormbril

What to do after reading...

Once you're done reading that amazing story, why not check out the map of Russin, and re-imagine the tale you just enjoyed? :D
Blueprints for the Coastal City-State of Russin

Cover image: by Scott Webb


Author's Notes

Comments? What are you doing leaving me comments, go leave Emy some great comments! :D

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I'm so glad you love it. Thank you for the shout out! <3