The bustling tradeport capital of The Isles of Orlend.

Bradstowe is the capital city of Orlend and home to the busiest trade port in the isles. The industrial boom has revolutionised the city's technology, with new factories popping up everywhere and huge steamships being constructed.   The city is famous for its huge fishing industry, which has only grown more popular with the invention of canned food, allowing the seafaring folk of the isles to make longer voyages without their rations spoiling at sea.   Orlendians can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city by hailing a carriage to quickly travel through the busy streets. A popular destination for many are the weekend markets by Bradstowe High Cross which sell locally crafted wares, oxskin bound journals and foriegn trinkets.   Bradstowe is also home to the magnificent Abbey of The Originator's Order. Many devout Bradstowians and tourists alike come to pay their respects to The Architect and listen to the Sermons of Order to learn the latest methods in productivity and orderly living.  
Catch of the day! Fresh hatchetfish, fit for a king! Want one for the journey home? We've got canned ones, too!
— Trader
Need a new journal misser? Fine Oxskin cover on this one and we can even brand your initials on it!
— Trader




The city has grown from its humble beginnings as an ancient Hanord marketplace into a bustling tradeport capital. Bradstowe has withstood everything the world has thrown at it: pirate raids, fires, plagues and devastating storms. The Originator's Order protects the city from the forces of chaos and guides the productive into a prosperous era.


Buildings and jagged factory rooves tower high above the busy streets of Bradstowe. The clanging sounds of tools hisses of new steam engines are deafening in comparison to the traders outside. Thick billowing smoke rises out of chimneys signalling a productive industrial age for the city. It's all hands on deck to meet up with the demands for new technologies!


The city imports large amounts of cotton and fabric materials for the city's clothing production, along with quarried stone and construction materials for all of the new housing and factories that the industrial revolution has brought to the city. Bradstowe imports a lot of paper to keep up with the increased popularity and demand for journals made popular by the teachings of The Originator's Order.


Sowreby Canning Company has opened a new canning factory near the docks, bringing hundreds of jobs to the city and a new export of increasingly popular canned food. The regular exports of fish, oxskins, tin and steel bring in steady coin, and the shipbuilders of Bradstowe are busy making new state of the art steamships.
Virtue and Industry
— City motto
The Isles of Orlend
Organization | Jul 30, 2021
Bradstowe High Cross
Building / Landmark | Sep 19, 2021

A large, tower-like structure at the heart of Bradstowe.

The Originator's Order
Organization | Jul 18, 2021

The longstanding state religion of the Jolundrian Empire who believe in an orderly life led by The Architect's plans.

Bradstowe Abbey
Building / Landmark | Sep 19, 2021

The largest place of worship for The Originator's Order in the capital of the Isles of Orlend.

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