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Superstitious Numbers of the Empire

Jolundrian superstition about unlucky odd numbers is so broad that it's become a part of every aspect in their lifestyle.

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Jolundrian Empire by TJ Trewin
  Folks of the The Jolundrian Empire are incredibly superstitious when it comes to numbers. The root of this tradition stems from their state religion of The Originator's Order, who believe in the order and balance of all things (just as the Architect designed it to be perfectly so).   As such, even numbers are considered orderly and lucky and are highly favoured in daily life. This obsession with numbers is so deeply rooted in the empire's culture that it largely goes unnoticed, so much so that folks will subconsciously avoid things with odd numbers, or add an extra to even things out.
Even Numbers Odd Numbers
Even numbers are considered to be lucky as they are orderly, evenly divisible and are a common occurence. Odd numbers are considered to be unlucky and chaotic, particularly if they are not evenly divisible.
Twins are very lucky, each type of dice has an even number of sides, and so does a coin. We have symmetrical body parts that allow us to live and breathe. An ideal family consists of two parents and an even number of children. To be an only child is unlucky, losing a limb or causing an imbalance in the natural order of the body brings ill luck, too. Many things in life will not function in an orderly manner without their counterpart.
Items are often purchased or sold in even amounts. Birthdays are loudly celebrated if the number is even. Only chaotic minds care not for the luck of numbers. People have quiet or uncelebrated birthdays on their odd numbered years.
  The luckiest number in the empire is 10, as it is used in the Jolundrian counting system, calendar, currency and many other aspects of daily life.   The chaotic numbers under 100 are: 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97.   This makes for many inauspicious and unfavourable dates on the Jolundrian calendar for birthdays, weddings, and celebrations - though some funerals are appropriate to be held on a chaotic day, especially if the death of the departed was sudden or unforeseen.   These days are often marked differently on calendars, either with a different material, border, or darker colour. This makes it easy to distinguish and plan for the month ahead.  

Inauspicious Dates

As every month lasts 28 days, these dates are the same for every month of the year. Notably, the "safest" days (when many events are held) are Morndays.
I love Mornday, it really is the best day of the week!
— Common consensus of Jolundrian folk
  • Thirday the 3rd
  • Dimday the 5th
  • Setday the 7th
  • Midday the 11th
  • Falday the 13th
  • Thirday the 17th
  • Dimday the 19th
  • Seconday the 23rd
  • Particularly if held on the months of:
  • Feastcall, Snowturn, or Windfall
  The royal funerals for the high profile assassinations of Empress Amanda Falkenrath in 357 2A, Emperor Isidor Severin in 442 2A, Empress Greta Orris in 473 2A, and Emperor Ronan Borchard in 538 3A were each held on a chaotic day, and their time of mourning across the empire lasted for 29 days (a month and a day) after their ceremonies.   Lower class citizens frequently debate on the topic of family size. Some argue that two parents and eight children make the lucky family number of ten, others argue that having ten children is more auspicious. Some folks from different cultures within the empire favour polygamy and open relationships to create a balanced household. For families with a single child or odd number of children, a family pet brings the household together to make an even number.
Primary Related Location
1 is vulnerable, near to extinct
2 are together, happy and linked
3 is a crowd, unbalanced and awkward
4 are the strongest, and stable like corners
5 become deadly, hostile and threatening
6 are friends that're open and welcoming
7 mark the limits of folding and of pressure
8 are the points of the compass and weather
9 are the tails of the torturer's whip
10 is purely balanced, and easy to predict.
— A Jolundrian counting poem.
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