The Hungry Hound

Guild hub to the Spunkhearts and one of the oldest and liveliest pubs in Bradstowe, capital of The Isles of Orlend.

The Hungry Hound is a famous pub in Bradstowe, capital city of The Isles of Orlend.   The establishment is situated in The Architect's District of the city and is just on the southern side of Old Bridge and is speculated to be one of the oldest pubs in the entire city.   The Hound has a few rooms upstairs for guests, and the attic hosts three rooms of permanent guild residence. Hot food is served from noon until sunset, and beverages are served until sunrise.  


The Hungry Hound serves many patrons but is also a headquarters for The Spunkhearts Guild, a group of hearty, hedonistic adventurers. They came into possession of the pub during the events of The Rupture some fifty years ago, when riftbeasts invaded the city (and all of Melior).   The fearless Spunkhearts were able to fend off magic wielding riftbeasts whilst still not spilling a drip from their tankards. The owner lost his sons out in the streets that day, and so as a token of his grief and gratitude - handed the ownership of The Hungry Hound on to them (on the condition that they protect it with their lives, and make to never have cheap swill on tap).    
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The Hound
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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The bustling tradeport capital of The Isles of Orlend.

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31 Dec, 2020 20:59

Hot food only until sunset? But..but what if you were fighting Riftbeasts until 9?? :O   And between sunset and sunrise, how does the Hound avoid the...unpleasantness...that comes with patrons drinking on an empty stomach?

10 Sep, 2021 11:07

There are still plenty of snacks like jerky and salted nuts available to calm the hangry patrons :D

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1 Jan, 2021 10:17

Ah yes, a wonderful business model. Give the tavern over to the people who fight monsters and don't spill their drinks. Wonderful little snippet, as usual.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
10 Sep, 2021 11:07

What could possibly go wrong? xD

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2 Jan, 2021 00:04

Aw, I really like the history of the tavern, though I question the previous owner's decision making skills. XD Seems to be working out for them, I guess.

10 Sep, 2021 11:08

I am almost certain they will not regret their decision... (almost)

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