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J. Thorne | Member Since 29 Jun, 2020
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Been Lost for 20 years! But that's what I get for using Apple Maps in beta.

Interests & Hobbies

Writing is a longtime joy (WorldAnvil: Where Your Pet Bun Can't Artistically Reinterpret Your Notes!). I love few things more than a good story, and being able to entertain others with one is even better!
I'm a lapsed artist just now remembering how deeply satisfying making beautiful things is (ignore your family: go to art school. Just lay solid foundations while you're there, as Emerson said.)   Love ice hockey; would love to learn to play if I can ever get my lungs and resources on the same page for more than two minutes.   I hate cooking. And yardwork. I must earn enough to be able to pay someone else to do those things. Also loathe The Outdoors. It's where that bright, shiny, burny sky-ball and the bugs are. Nothx.

Favorite Movies

Pretty much everything Johnny Depp's been lead in   The Road to Perdition   Serenity   Moana

Favorite TV Series

Red Wings' season (we are not here for your narrow definition of 'series', sir)   David Makes Man (love the way the writing and visuals keeps you juuust off-balance; can't wait for the next season)   Father Brown   Endeavour   Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators   Hell on Wheels   Firefly

Favorite Books

Devil in the White City   Don't Bring Home a White Boy   Good Omens   Turtle Moon   The Dresden Files

Favorite Writers

Erik Larsen   Jim Butcher   R.A. Salvatore   Neil Gaiman

Favorite Games

Legend of the Five Rings RPG; D&D; Pathfinder   Waiting on my Series S so I can *fully* commit to this Assassin's Creed rabbit hole (*sings*, I was up above it, now I'm down in it....)