Bradstowe Carriages

The trendiest mode of transportation in Orlend.

Bradstowe carriages are the best way of travelling around The Isles of Orlend. They are very comfortable and have room for luggage, too.   Carriages come in various sizes, with the largest being pulled by two, or even four horses. Journeys are very smooth inside of the cities where roads are maintained, but cobbled streets and dirt tracks can be very tiring for passengers.   Carriages are typically rented, though nobles with stables often buy carriages from Bradstowe Carriage Company and have them customised to suit their needs and have their house emblem emblazoned on the side.   The newest models of Bradstowe Carriages are equipped with Glow-jelly Lamps that illuminate the roads at night, making it safer for horses to navigate in the late evenings. As Glow-Jelly is non flammable, small lamps can provide light inside the carriage for reading and conversations.  

Chaos Confiscation Carts

The Originator's Order have their own class of reinforced carriage used to transport chaotic artefacts, items and individuals.   These carriages are much heavier due to their thick steel panels and require strong horses to pull along.
Complement / Crew
1-2 drivers
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Chaos Confiscation Cart
Vehicle | Oct 7, 2023

The secure wagons used by The Originator's Order to transport chaotic artefacts (and people).

Settlement | Apr 11, 2023

The bustling tradeport capital of The Isles of Orlend.

Cover image: by TJ Trewin


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