Chaos Confiscation Cart

The secure wagons used by The Originator's Order to transport chaotic artefacts (and people).

A chaos confiscattion cart, (sometimes known as a three-c), is a large model of Bradstowe Carriage designed to securely hold five 'passnegers' and many large items.   The cart is entirely reinforced with steel, making it incredibly expensive and heavy to pull. It needs two strong horses to pull, or four if its capacity is overloaded. The steel panels on the sides of the cart are emblazened with the sigil of The Originator's Order so that everyone can see their handiwork and justice being served.   As the carts roll through the cobbled streets of the capital city Bradstowe, Orlendians look on with both awe and fearful curiosity - what could be imprisoned within the cart? A madman inflicted with Corruption of the Mind? A murderer? A horrifying effigy? Who knows!?  

Famous Uses

The carts are well known for their use during The Taint of Tarnton, where they first captured Maudeleyn the Mad - the crazed artist who made The Chaotic Painting (one of the most blasphemous works of art in the history of The Isles of Orlend).   After capturing the chaotic culprit, The Originator's Order returned with ten chaos confiscation carts to purge the lakeside town of Tarnton, urging all its residents to surrender their chaotic artefacts.  


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