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Incarnates of the New Age

The first of Malkora's gods, born from humanity's most vital traits in surviving the Nameless Age.

Claim not that the gods alone pulled humanity from Oblivion's Wake — for they were born of the hearts of our ancestors. Humanity's last shred of hope found a voice and bid itself echo across the shadowed lands, until it found life again.
— History of the Gods
  The Incarnates of the New Dawn were the first among Malkora's gods, with Vosra, the New Dawn, at its head. These gods embody the traits said to have been integral to humanity's survival in the Nameless Age.

Gods of the New Age

During the Nameless Age, no gods made their presence known to humanity, until the fateful arrival of Vosra, the New Dawn. The goddess established herself in this broken form of Malkora as Hope Incarnate, emboldening what remained of humanity that it may fight against Oblivion, rather than allow it to take them.   As Vosra's influence spread, other powerful traits of humanity became apparent, and from them emerged the other gods, embodying and empowering humanity as it fought to survive.  
Deity Name Domains Patron of...
Vosra Hope, Rebirth, New Beginnings Sufferers, good samaritans
Atreimus Strength, Battle, Protection, Purity Defenders, heroes, vanquishers of evil
Zhevore Compassion, Nurturing, Sacrifice Caretakers, parents, lovers
Eteldra Wisdom, innovation, resourcefulness Creators, inventors, strategists
Myrandh Silence, subtlety, secrecy, memory Scouts, refugees, spies
List is being expanded with time.

The Incarnates

The deities which make up the Pantheon of the New Age are classified as greater deities, though their power and influence is greater than the greater deities of any other pantheon. These deities have an additional classification, unique to this pantheon: Incarnates.   Incarnates are so named for their origins as fragments of humanity, given life. These deities spawned into being of their own accord — though most owed their ability to do so, to Vosra's influence as the first Incarnate.   The traits from which Incarnates spawn define the major divine domains of the world, from which lesser, but more specialized, domains descend.
by Strixxline
Greater Deities — Incarnates
Related Pantheons
Champions of the Dawn

Surviving the End
The gods which make up the Pantheon of the New Dawn arrived to Malkora as it crumbled, and the last remnants of humanity withered away in their resignation to the end.   Though the gods did empower humanity in this dark time, they did not directly intervene; humanity was expected to fight for itself — and succeeded, in the end.
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Vosra, Hope Incarnate

First of Malkora's gods, and the greatmother to all that came after her, Vosra, Hope Incarnate represents humanity's hope and is the goddess of rebirth and new beginnings. She is the patron god of all who face disaster and hardship.

Atreimus, Strength Incarnate

Patron of the world's defenders, Atreimus, Strength Incarnate represents humanity's strength and is the god of battle and protection. Strength of both body and mind and strong leadership are strongly valued by Atreimus and his followers.

Zhevore, Compassion Incarnate

Providing a warm light in the darkness, Zhevore, Compassion Incarnate, represents humanity's compassion and is the god of love and sacrifice. Patron of families, lovers, and caretakers, the Guardian values those who show care for their fellows.

Eteldra, Wisdom Incarnate

Patron of bright minds in the darkness, Eteldra, Wisdom Incarnate, represents humanity's wisdom and is the god of innovation and resourcefulness. Inventors, tinkerers, and those seeking solutions to all manner of problems look to this god for aid.

Myrandh, Silence Incarnate

For those who learned to use the shadows of Oblivion to their advantage, Myrandh, Silence Incarnate, represents humanity's subtlety and is the god of secrecy and memory. Patron of those in hiding, agents of espionage, and survivors of tragedy.

Shards of the New Age

Regional pantheons often feature representations of the New Age gods, with different interpretations of their domains and core tenets. As gods from this pantheon appear in other, more regional pantheons, they take on different forms of themselves according to the needs and beliefs of their people.   While these different versions of the gods do refer to the same entity at their core, humanity's belief in these alternate forms of the gods creates what are known as "shards" of each deity.   Shards form only from greater deities, and interact with their faithful as though they were separate entities from the deity at their core.

Eastwind Pantheon

Atreimus, the Purifier
In eastern and central Nefyran, where the Eastwind Pantheon is dominant, Atreimus takes on the shard of the Purifier, a more intense form of the protector god, who values a more proactive approach in combatting the world's evils. The strong leadership valued by Atreimus begins to take the form of strict codes and adherence to order, often coming with extreme measures devised with the intent to keep people safe.

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