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Atreimus, the Purifier

A shard of the incarnate of strength, worshiped in the Eastwind Pantheon as a protector and keeper of order.

Our Lord of Strength empowers us in body and mind, that we may have the willpower to overcome any and every obstacle set before us. We will dismantle all that stands between our kingdom and divine order.
— High Exarch Antonius Ral
The Purifier is a shard of Atreimus, Strength Incarnate, worshiped as part of the Eastwind Pantheon. In addition to the domain of strength, The Purifier bears the domains of protection and order.
Greater Deity (Shard)
Divine Domains
Strength, Protection, Order
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Tenets of the Purifier

The tenets of The Purifier maintain the incarnate's focus on vigilance and strength, but add greater intensity to each. More urgency is placed upon the duty to protect, pushing followers to take preemptive action whenever the opportunity arises.  
Leylines of Energy by Strixxline
Show no mercy to the forces of evil. Seek evil where it breeds, and flush it out.
Do not wait for your hand to be forced, for it will sooner be lopped off in your idleness.
Stand and fight in the face of death, for your people's fate rests upon your blade.
May all who bear my symbol expose and vanquish all evils set before them.
Heed the voices of order; be not misguided or deceived by agents of chaos.
Be diligent in your duty, and be prepared to cut down all who threaten your people.
Wield the light as your weapon, that the forces of darkness may fear you.

Churches of the Purifier

First Church of the Purifier

One of the oldest churches to have formed in the Kingdom of Arsavela, the First Church of the Purifier is filled with Atreimus's most devoted followers, many of whom believe in the sole worship of their protector god. The First Church places Atreimus on a pedestal above other gods of the Eastwind Pantheon.

The Alabaster Hand

Atreimus, the Purifier is the favored god of the Alabaster Hand, the organization which now rules over the Kingdom of Arsavela in the wake of the Arsaces Family's bloody deposition.   The Alabaster Hand was one of the first orders created in the worship of Atreimus, and their primary purpose was to aid in the defense of their homeland, following the tenets of their god. The formation of this order followed not far behind the founding of other churches such as the First Church of the Purifier, which the Hand now works closely with.
Armaments of the Hand
Forges of the Alabaster Hand are known to be the most prolific producers of lightforged armaments, and their officials are known to walk the streets fully equipped with stark white weaponry and armor, set atop layered red cloth, parading the characteristic red and white attributed to Atreimus and his imagery.   Only since the fall of Arsaces has the Alabaster Hand begun to incorporate gold embellishments and ornate trims to their blessed armaments, adding an air of regality never historically held by the organization — Atreimus was never a god to value frivolity or wealth and its displays, but the Hand continues to claim that their god would wish to see his children rewarded, and that the citizens of their lands would see the same rewards in time, for their continued faith and worship.

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