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First Church of the Purifier

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Take up your sword. Do you not see the shadow on the horizon?   We were the First, and we shall be the Final. You shall see.
— Priest of the First
  There are many churches dedicated to Atreimus, the Purifier, but only one can call itself the first. The First Church of the Purifier is exactly as it sounds, the very first church formed in worship of the protector god of the New Dawn pantheon.

Worshiping the Purifier

Churches of Atreimus are plentiful, across the many small towns and scattered cities throughout the Kingdom, each with different interpretation of certain tenets, stronger beliefs in different ideals represented by the god, and different views on the way life should be lived in his light. As a protector god, the churches of Atreimus all share a common view that the home should be protected from threats, though it is the definition of threat which seems to drive the primary differences between the churches of Arsavela.

Humble Origins

Once a minority in Arsavela, the First Church of the Purifier originated in the western lands of Arsavela, where it still has many devoted followers, but its influence never spread much farther despite attracting pilgrims who would pay homage to this first church of their god. Slowly, the First Church has gradually moved its presence into the great city Aurel, encouraged by the Alabaster Hand after their rise to power in the kingdom.   In the capitol, the church's influence has slowly spread throughout the residents, many of whom frequented other churches of Atreimus, or those of other gods altogether. Though the worship of numerous gods is common, those of the First Church often drift into the sole worship of Atreimus, a behavior encouraged by the clergy and preachers within.  
Nameless Divinity
The earliest records of the First Church suggest that its origin lies in days before the Nameless Era truly came to an end. Should this ring true, it would mean that the Antecedents adopted faith in the gods of Malkora before they had proven themselves to be the world's saviors.   Historians speculate that this means these ancient people were drawn to faithful practices, some going so far as to suggest that the Antecedents worshiped gods before Vosra — but who?
First to stand, last to rise, now prepared to capture the hearts of the people.
Ancient Aurel Cathedral by Strixxline via Midjourney
Atreimus, the Purifier
Associated Organizations
The Alabaster Hand

Intense Zeal
Known to be a more commanding and intense church, in the sense of its beliefs and ideals, many who convert to the First Church become more aggressive in preaching and recruiting for their church than they were known to be prior.
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A fantastic article that really drives home the importance of your church and the people who help proselytize others to the cause! Too much Zeal is certainly a bad thing though! Great Article Line :)

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Thank you!! (I know I'm only a month late responding oopsie)   I'm hoping I get to explore excessive zeal more in my world and how it can present itself in different parts of it. So many different gods and ideals to explore!

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