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Terraloga Act II: The Crystal Empire

The Era of Unity, 50 VE

Created by

by Adcheryl

Welcome to Terraloga

Terraloga is a science fantasy world setting in a pure, fictional earth. Expect the journey of men, the rise and fall of civilizations, and the incidental chaos of nature. Started in the ancient era, the world changes over time as people come and go, but there is a particular story drive the world narration as a whole.

The magic in this world ain't something that would be exposed so easily—They're hidden, waiting to be discovered as the humanity evolves.

There is a certain truth, however, that whenever some of those things are being discovered, conflicts will become something inevitable.

The Valus Dream

There was a young boy named Valus. The curious noble boy, some may said. The heir of the fallen, abolished dynasty, everyone said. At the lowest point of his life he always dreamt of one thing: to bring the whole world into one piece - no wars, no enemies, and no suffering from this consequence like he used to.

His vengeance and iron fist had restored the prestige back to his family and the belonging country. However, his vision of the current world of mess and non-unified chaos, still unchanged. That when he realized, one lifetime wasn't enough.

So, he passed on this grand dream into every aspects down to family motto, turning into the grand conquest hoping that his children he'd never meet could make his dream come true. The only problem was, the world, as he knew it, was too small.

It's going to be a pretty long, long campaign. When this mission last eternally? Only time will tell. This is, the story of Terraloga and the Crystal Empire.

So sit down, and enjoy
Ancient skyline by Adcheryl
The Era of Unity, 50 VE

Getting Started

Myth of The Power Stone
Plot | Jan 12, 2024

The grand story of Valus Rarmon and his journey that turn the fallen kingdom into the most powerful empire in the world. The first world story of Terraloga.

Ongoing Stories

It is the end of humillation. The Irgia Republic is ready to claim back the superpower of the sea from Maritime kingdom. With a little help from the Valonia Empire, successful would be easy for them.

Little do they know, the plan is about to break and twist as the empire suddenly threat them in a painful way. Not only the republic will have to fight against the national rival, but might as well the fishy backstabber.

The great duty for the officer Mira Porkin to find the way to turn the tide before everything goes south...

— Excerpt from the Act II, 50 VE

Can she stop the fishy operation? Let's find out in...

To Find the Fishy Menace

To Find The Fishy Menace
Plot | Jul 30, 2023


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