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Terraloga Act II: The Crystal Empire

The Era of Unity, 50 VE

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It is the end of humillation. The Irgia Republic is ready to claim back the superpower of the sea from Maritime kingdom. With a little help from the Valonia Empire, successful would be easy for them.

Little do they know, something fishy is about to happen...

— Excerpt from the Act II, 50 VE

What is Terraloga

Terraloga is a science fantasy world setting in a pure, fictional earth. Expect the journey of men, the rise and fall of civilizations, and the incidental chaos of nature. The world is changing as the people goes, as if they were told by the same person.

The magic in this world ain't something that would be exposed so easily—They're hidden, waiting to be discovered as the humanity is evolving.

There is a certain truth, however, that whenever some of those things were being known, conflicts would became something inevitable.

So sit down, and enjoy