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To Find The Fishy Menace

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It is the end of the national humiliation. The Irgia Republic is ready to claim back the supreme of the sea from the Maritime Kingdom. With a little help from the Valonia Empire, success would be easy for them.   Little do they know, the plan is about to break and twist as the empire suddenly threat them in a painful way. Not only the republic will have to fight against the national rival, but might as well the fishy backstabber.   The great duty for the officer Mira Porkin to find the way to turn the tide before everything goes south...
— Excerpt from Act II, 50 VE



It was the year 50 VE. According to the Valonia Empire, it was this time of the annual meeting between them and the Irgia Republic to strenghten their relationships. The Second Channel War has lasted for 5 years now, and without the supply of their centuries old alliance, including a game-changing material, this could not be happening.

The meeting was going to last a week as usual, but that's end of the similarity, as one of Valonian crews was murdered.


Although it was a part of the meeting, the Valonians quickly moved to Irisone, the Garol capital, for safety. Only one of them, the diplomat, stayed there to demand the republic for responsiblity within 30 days, or the empire will stop supporting the supply. The republic tried to negotiate but failed. As such, the republic want to investigate the case before the deadline, and it was the Porkin's mission to solve.

Rising Action

Due to her low-profile, she used various technique to find the clues. From listening the the gossips at the market, to intentionally stalking the diplomat. The more she investigated and gathered information, the more realize that the murder case was part of a greater plan. She has suspected that the Valonian actually intented to invade the republic! The only thing she need to know was... how?

Meanwhile, the marriage of Prunos and Geluvisa was held. After all related ritual finished, the emperor announced the opening of the tunnel which connected between both Irisone and Valone.


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Her suspection is proven to be true: The Valonian wanted Irgian to scramble in an endless debt that might result the republic in disaster... or by the disaster that happened? The thing that cost the republic the most were the Catastropium, an explosive material using in all the imported guns, and it was stored at one of the military arsenal. They were going to bomb the arsenal!

Falling Action

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The only thing left to do was to report to the authoritiy, but that would wasted time. She had to catch them by herself. Eventually she stopped that spy in time. This could be the end of her mission until...


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The explosion happened... but not at the arsenal - it was from the Prunos' wedding. The rightful heir of the glorious empire had died under the alliance, and the protectorate, now under the same family, has joined the empire. The loss of such valuable reasouce led to the empire ultimately declaring the war, breaking the deadline and centuries pact. Everyone thought the the republic did, having be seen since as the untrustful foe. Mira couldn't make it. She had to leave the country before the upcoming army arrived, or being chased by the untrustful government.

The story ended with the same diplomat at the border announcing that the empire was coming. So be prepared.



Mira has to root out the plan behind the murder case, before the situation become worse.



The story centered around Mira Porkin, the Irgian officer, on her spying mission. She was an introvert if you asked her to hang out. Due to her low-profile, she was able to disguise herself and infiltrate every place for gathering all kind of intelligents, but that mean she couldn't attend the royal wedding at Irisone.


The Irgian Council sent the man to give Mira such secret mission, who became her closet ally. Mira could sent her gathering to the council via him to keep her identity.


Mira gathered informations from various people. All the people involving in her investigation were:

  • Geluvisa Theorum: The Garal princess
  • Prunos Rarmon: The Valonian prince, the rightful heir of the empire, and with the marriage.
  • Rondius V: The Emperor of Valonia and the father of Pronus. He and the group visitted the republic for annual diplomatic event, but after the murder case, he decided to skip and went to the special event as part of the meeting: His son's wedding.
  • Julian Vasner: The Diplomat
  • Adversaries

    The men who sent her mission told her about the suspecious man that think was behind this case. She must compromised them and sent to the authority or else the plan came true.



  • Centralium and dipomat's residency.
  • The Marriage of Garol Princess and Valonian Prince at Irisone, Protectorate of Garol: They were both fell in love a few years earlier, and this year annual meeting was the best days for such sacred moment, as well as the big announcement that followed.
  • Irgian Market: Mira disguise herself as the fish seller.
  • The Crystal Arsenal (temporary name): All the purple powder used in the army was imported and stored near the military facility. Only a gram it can make a stone fly - imagine the entire arsenal.
  • Past Events

    Eight years ago, during an annual meeting between Valonia Empire and the Irgia Republic, the empire allowed the share of Catastropium, the powerful crystals in which only the empire could produce. This included the share of their equipments and the help of upgrading their own fleet. In exhanged, the republic must pay them goods double than normal. The agreement lasted for 10 years.

    Completion Date
    50 VE
    Working in progress. Subjects to change


    Author's Notes

    I might make this an actual work in the future, but it need a lot of revising. For now, let it be here so the world's timeline can continue. Feedback are pretty much welcomed!
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    30/7/2023 - Character added

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    Come visits Terraloga and the story of a fictional Ancient Roman trying to rule the world.