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World Ember Reading Challenge 2022

Welp. I managed to make it just over the expected goal for WorldEmber which is good, but the month still didn't go exactly as planned. When do things go exactly as planned? Not often (for me, anyways). Nevertheless, I am thankful to see another year. 2022 was something. There were ups and downs. There were fun highlights and sad moments and busyness beyond measure. There's a whole lot to reflect on.   This January, several projects have rolled over from December (and even some from before that). I have not been able to complete most of the things I'd hoped to have accomplished by now, but I'll just keep going, keep trying, and keep moving forward.   God bless and much success with all of your own plans! No matter how you got along this WorldEmber, I'm proud of you and sending you all the prayers, love and hugs!!!
I know I probably had absolutely no chance of winning anything in the WorldBuilding Awards anyways, but I thought back and shook my head when I realized I hardly made any new articles this year. The main ones I created in 2022 were from Summer Camp. Most others are incomplete as standalones. Some of the articles I was most proud of were created in other years and spruced up recently or, sadly, made in the wrong template. I suppose there's no hope for me there, but, I refuse to make this a depresssing post. :)   Instead, I shall look to the positive and list all the good things I'm proud of accomplishing in 2022:

  I made significant progress on Teambuilding (a CYOA-style interactive fiction piece I, unfortunately, couldn't complete in time for Adventure April) and One Night at Nellindill Mansion... (an intriguing virtual murder mystery game I want to run for Bill and Dani). My plan is to try my best to make sure thy both are released FOR REAL this year.   I was so proud to debut the first installment of my Troubled Beginnings Trillogy in June of 2022. I really wanted to release the other two parts, but things became a whirlwind. No matter, this shall be chalked up as yet another goal I wish to accomplish in 2023. I made the mistake in calling each part a "chapter" which probably discouraged sales and reader engagement but, once all three are out, that shouldn't matter.   Summer Camp was a very cool and awesome time. In addition to reading lots of awesome articles and being awarded Human of the Match, I really kicked off myTwitch channel and now I have over 200 followers! Much love to all you beans.   Another thing I was very happy about creating (and I know you guys are probably tired of hearing me talk about it lol) was An Intern for Christmas: an audio drama 'movie' that took a lot of time and effort but turned out really good, considering. I got donations on my Ko-Fi page as well this year and am eternally grateful to all who support me monetarily or otherwise!



My Vision Board

I don't know if this was said anywhere or if anyone else came up with this idea. If so, I thank you! Sorry that my subliminal brain can't recall to give you credit. :( If not, perhaps it was just me. IDK. XD But, anyways, I'm going to try to use WorldAnvil's Whiteboards to create a vision board for myself.


Have a Look!

Done for the most part, but I may add something more...!
Loading Vision Board Whiteboard...


My reading list:

I wanted to let Anvilites submit their articles to be read aloud on my Twitch Stream, so I issued a call for all the beans to submit their worlds' finest Embers!


Click here to catch the replays!

I ended up reading TempestKwake's flamboyant Hece Bats species article on this hour-long episode...

...and the others on this nearly six-hour vid where I also discuss my takeaways from all ten shiny articles!


Hece Bat
Species | Jan 18, 2023
Hece Bat by EliKwake
  My Thoughts and Plans
One of the things I adored about this article was the fact that Eli was so descriptive in the text! The page itself didn't have any pictures of the titular species (at the time of my reviewing) but the words brought the bats to life in my mind. Describing them in vivid detail eliminated the need for visual aids. While images are always nice to see in articles, the importance of making the text highly immersive cannot be emphasised enough in worldbuilding. This article was very informative and entertaining. This helped me to stay on track with my goals to continue describing things so that the readers can imagine them even when there are no accompanying pictures (or I am not able to add them yet).

Red Beef Curry
Item | Jan 24, 2023

The spicy beef, potato curry, cooked with coconut milk. Served with rice.

Red Beef Curry by Adcheryl
  My Thoughts and Plans
Reading about the Red Beef Curry reminded me of my Shots of Unimportance article. While I already had plans on making a video for the recipe (complete with dialogue and comedic banter) I was reminded by Adcheryl's article that I should also add images and even quotes. I like how the page opens with a comment from the barkeep on the dish. There is also a lovely picture of the meal in the sidebar that helps us to be able to imagine it sitting on the table before us. In addition to the short film I aim to insert, I shall include a photo and a few quotes (as opposed to my blocky and boring story that currently sits in the sidebar) to make the article more immersive and engaging.

To Find The Fishy Menace
Plot | Jul 30, 2023
To Find The Fishy Menace by Adcheryl
  My Thoughts and Plans
For WorldEmber, I took time out to write in the world about my current Work In Progress One Night at Nellindill Mansion... I did not want to write too much, however, for fear of revealing spoilers. I eventually put things into spoiler boxes but I was still shy about making the articles public with the information on the page at all, but Adcheryl doing this in the Fishy Menace article was encouraging. Those who would rather not find out the spoilers can simply not click them. Curious people who don't mind knowing the insider information can click them and that's okay.

Tridenser Host
Military Formation | Feb 26, 2024

The divine forces who serve Anam gather together at the Citadel of Anam to defend the world.

Tridenser Host by kitoypoy
  My Thoughts and Plans
As always, Kitoypoy's CSS is nice, bringing a smooth appearance to the article. This is something I try to constantly improve upon in my own world. I aim to neaten up more things this year. In addition to this, the Tridenser Host article was very intriguing and immersive. I especially enjoyed the story of the Mechanical Man at the Gate of Heaven; particularly, the way the tale progressed. It begins at Year One and, with no outside narration, we can still see the growth and learning in first-person from the character. Year Ten is located a bit further down in the article and displays a bit of character development. The page ends with Year One Hundred and brings the story to an emotional close. It is nice to learn so much in just a few first-person sentences. Breaking up a wikipedia-style article with pictures, quotes, and even this short story suite is always a lovely way to eliminate a dull and unappealing word wall. I should implement these tactics more in the coming year.

Artificial Sun
Technology / Science | Jan 1, 2023

The secret technology that allows the Snow elves to thrive and survive in their cave settlements during winter

Artificial Sun by Callyxtus
  My Thoughts and Plans
The Artificial Sun was quite an amusing article! It was very fun and also a bit silly. I liked how the art seemed like a "cool" picture when it was actually depicting the protective eyewear for the officials that had to handle the bright technology. Speaking of Technology, the template is what I will call back to again. When making something like this in my world, using such an Article Template would probably be far from my mind. This is something I must improve upon. Even though these Artificial Suns were primarily powered by magic, this did not stop Callyxtus from using the Technology Template. Templates are what you make them. I should avoid making "Generic Articles" my go-to choice.
The Cresta and the Imp
Myth | Dec 31, 2022

As close to a creation myth as can be found among the aboriginal Humans displaced from Earth via Transgalactic Rifts, The Cresta and the Imp has been interpreted many ways but is remarkably consistent in its retellings

The Cresta and the Imp by Mardrena
  My Thoughts and Plans
I enjoyed this story. I loved how it was fully explored as a rea-life myth would be, people in-world attempting to trace its origins, different depictions of the myth, and quotes and short stories of people sharing the tale helped me to be really immersed. There also was no shortage of art on the page in different styles (although Mardrena themself illustrated it all), This was another way to make the myth feel even more real. One of the main takeaways I learned was the usage of the Myth article template itself. I made a picture book in my world for RandoScorpio's Unofficial Fairy Tale Challenge and I was quite proud of it. BUT, when the World Anvil Worldbuilding Awards rolled around, I could not enter it due to the fact that I crafted it in a Generic Article Template. I need to do better in regards to templates on World Anvil. I should utilize them so that I can catagorize my world more and be elligible to participate in contests and the like.

Tradition / Ritual | Dec 12, 2022

A popular strategy-based card game originating in Melior that's enjoyed even beyond the rifts.

Gauntlet by tjtrewin
  My Thoughts and Plans
I appreciated how detailed TJ was in coming up with the rules and gameplay of this activity. I can tell a lot of thought, time, energy, focus, and attention was put into these cards! From the art, to the lore behind the origins, to the step-by-step instructions and detailed, interactive diagrams, this was quite an article. I applaud TJ for this intriguing work. One of the main takeaways for me, however, was (once again) the usage of Article Templates. TJ put this card game under the Ritual template. My problem is that I usually don't think to do things like that. If I have an in-world game or story or the like, I often default to a Generic Article Template, but that has proven not to be a good idea. I will try to do better in 2023.


Displaced Ones, The
Species | Dec 22, 2023
Displaced Ones, The by eldknighterrant
My Thoughts and Plans
This was a very interesting article. The dialogue format kept me invested in the world. Even though this was created with the Species Article Template, it was laid out in an immersive story form. I know this seems to be a common theme, but I feel that the Article Templates are a very important thing for me to focus on this year. While some people would put such under a Prose Article Template, or choose to present the Displaced Ones in a more text book or wiki-page format, Eldknighterrant helped me to see that templates can be whatever you make them. The layout is totally up to you. I need to keep this in mind going forward.


Tradition / Ritual | Dec 31, 2022

Thangiens have used performing art and dance to keep their memories fresh and their history alive.

Llaudaun by Mardrena
  My Thoughts and Plans
Mardrena's articles are very interesting and detailed. They help me to become immersed in the world by providing many different angles, just as many different angles exist in real life. Llaudaun is quite an intriguing focus. The wording was very illustrative and the quotes and dialogue was very refreshing. I also enjoyed the illustrations, even if they were simple pencil sketches. All these things worked together to bring me into the story. There were also spoilers which I touched on earlier. These spoilers are something that I should continue to add in my articles that are for games and mysteries, or even include information from upcoming novels.

Who Am I, Really?
Generic article | Dec 11, 2022

Life isn't perfect, I know that. The hard part is, we all have hopes and expectations that are important to us.

Who Am I, Really? by WantedHero
  My Thoughts and Plans
This article was very relatable to me. I love to help people and I am a person of faith. My goal is to reach the world through my creativity; to help people; to teach people; to love people. I plan to keep using my platform to do just that. This article was very inspiring. As all people, I experience many difficulties in my life, even when it seems that I do not. I often strive to stay strong for others and keep up an optimistic attitude, but I, myself, require care as well. I should be less hesitant to ask for help when I need it. I should continue to do what I am doing, but do so even better. Thank you, Jamie, for sharing this personal, heartfelt view of your life. God bless you and your family.


Thanks so much to everyone for reading! If you have any New Year's Resolution articles, whiteboards, or visionboards of your own to share, please feel free! I'd love to check them out and show support. God bless and much success!


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Jan 13, 2023 14:02 by TJ Trewin

What an amazing use of the whiteboards feature, that's so cool!!   If you have the time and energy for it, I'd love to put forward my article :D Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Tradition / Ritual | Dec 12, 2022

A popular strategy-based card game originating in Melior that's enjoyed even beyond the rifts.

  You achieved so many incredible things last year, I hope you have a wonderful and inspiring year of worldbuilding in 2023 :D

Journals of Yesteryear
You're invited to explore my new world!
Jan 13, 2023 15:22 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Thanks! I think I already had that on the reading list because it looked so interesting. I'll be sure to try my best and get to it then! :D

Jan 14, 2023 15:46 by Mardrena Lockehart

ooof I thought I had it rough with winter retail rush. Well at least you got something! That's why its good to get the hardships over and done with so you can use the good times in a positive manner. Don't plan on making a new year article, but will say my resolution would be to get an earlier start on specific artwork and for Lenten fast this year I will give up ALL GAMES and binge on BLENDER.

Crazy Anime Cat Lady and Gamer Nun, Proud Texan Enjoying Renaissance Faires.
Jan 14, 2023 22:56 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

<3 Much success with those goals! Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish. Sending all the love and hugs, too, because I do work on the weekends in retail and it can be...really something... XP

Jan 15, 2023 15:58

Congrats on your success! I thought this year I'm going to update my world's visuals and make some kind of fiction based on it. Wish me luck!   Anyway, If you don't mind I would like to share two of mine :D One of them I finished on time and the other one I finished hours before the deadline. Enjoy :)

Red Beef Curry
Item | Jan 24, 2023

The spicy beef, potato curry, cooked with coconut milk. Served with rice.

To Find The Fishy Menace
Plot | Jul 30, 2023

Come visits Terraloga and the story of a fictional Romans on how they are going to rule the world.

Jan 15, 2023 18:27 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Thanks for sharing and congrats to you, too! Please let me know how to pronounce your name lol. I don't want to mess it up if I say it on stream... also, do I have permission to read this on stream>? If not, no worries at all.

Jan 15, 2023 18:48

Sure thing! I'm always excited to hear the sound of my articles. And you can call me Ad - Cheryl.   You're welcome! :D

Come visits Terraloga and the story of a fictional Romans on how they are going to rule the world.

Jan 15, 2023 19:14 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)
Jan 26, 2023 02:37 by Deleyna Marr

Love seeing you using the Whiteboard! I've got one on my home page for Spaceport. I've been happy with how it came out.   I feel your pain about using the wrong template. I have a bunch of species/ethnicity mix-ups that eventually I'll need to fix! Happy 2023!

Jan 26, 2023 03:04 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

nice! That's a cool brochure system you have there. Nice way to use the whiteboards! Sending all the hugs and well-wishes for the organizing/transferring project. <3

Jan 27, 2023 23:24 by Deleyna Marr

Thanks! I've had fun.

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