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Summer Camp Reading 2022 (mad·​ness | mad-nəs)

I begin this article with heartfelt gratitude!

Thank you all for voting and congrats to all the other winners! You all are the awesome beans. <3 Sending prayers, love, hugs, and much gratitude your way. This was quite an epic surprise that brought a smile to my face after a busy, hectic weekend.


The Challenge(s)...

As a first-time prompt sponsor, lot of my August time was devoted to reading through the 325 Great Leaders of Their People entries. While reviewing each and every one was quite fun, the process was very time-consuming. Nevertheless, I managed. Still, I wanted to claim the ravishing owl badge, so I knew I'd have to read an additional nine articles- three from each of three categories picked by me. I figured I'd leave the Great Leaders alone because they've already had all the time to shine. XD During July and August, I did browse other works but I suppose it's best I venture and find nine things that I haven't read yet, so, here I go!


In this article, you will find the nine articles I've read for the 2022 Summer Camp Reading Challenge along with the madness that was my judging of the Great Leaders of Their People prompt...

Summer Camp Reading Challenge

For this, I chose to take a little trip. There were so many interesting categories, I didn't know what to choose. I knew I had to pick the vehicle prompt because that was the only one we hadn't covered last year and I was so excited to see it this time!


First, I grabbed a bite to eat...

Cookie's Green Stripe Special
Tradition / Ritual | Nov 23, 2022
what I liked & learned
This world is intriguing and I'm glad I discovered it when looking through the Great Leaders. I adored this nice little article, but I really wanted to learn more about the Cookie character who was indeed not linked. I fear perhaps his article is not yet done. Still, my takeaway from this is that, even when I write articles surrounding characters who have not yet been introduced formally to the readers, it is still beneficial to tell of them and their personalities. I can glean a bit from the article who Cookie is and how he behaves, which is a good thing.
Bus hot dogs
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 21, 2022
what I liked & learned
A coming-of-age ceremony for busses, in which the busses do not eat, but humans eat in celebration. Very interesting approach to the prompt. This encourages me to continue finding what works for me in the article instead of forcing something when the creativity is not there at the moment. We all have so many things in our worlds, but if we want to write about busses, we can write about busses! The prompt worked and was cleverly done.
Lapahele: The Edible City
Tradition / Ritual | Apr 1, 2023

An edible city that one finds themselves in just before a major turning point in their life.

what I liked & learned
This dream world was quite intriguing. The metaphor for life was very apparent and profound, but I was still transported into the world and made to wonder what I would do in such a situation. I could see myself partaking in some cases, but abstaining in other cases. Perhaps the only way to know for sure would be to actually happen upon the town. This inspired me to continue writing in creative ways to get real-life issue messages accross. Sharing my faith through my work is something I've done for ages, and it's great to get deep sometimes while still being entertaining and fun.



Then, I climbed into the vehicle to embark on my long journey...

Vehicle | Jul 27, 2022
what I liked & learned
So much mystery, redacted information, and vague description- all things I adore writing myself. This encouraged me to continue. While some may think not enough story was given, others (like myself) find such baiting entertaining and find that it makes the world more appetizing as you crave to learn more about everything.
Fundamentally UNsafe Prototype Artificial Wing
Vehicle | Jul 23, 2022
what I liked & learned
Comically chaotic name. Comically chaotic narration. An inventor's log is so clever. A whole article filled with the triumphs and failures of a tested technology. We witness the birth of a new mode of transportation. The storytelling was on point, and this encouraged me to continue adding things like Commander McCox giving newbies the rundown in the sidebars. There's something enchanting about a person from the world talking to you about things...
Ghet Rail Train
Vehicle | Jan 21, 2023
what I liked & learned
This space train seems super cool! The setup of the article was nice, interchanging from straight up facts to ad-like descriptions to attendants' advice and even a seemingly horrible suggestion from a freeloading stowaway?? This was written in such an entertaining fashion and immersed me in the world well. It encouraged me to continue writing in different fashions even within one article- as long as it's done right and not in a confusing manner. This article was on point.



Last, I finally arrived at my destination to find

a wealth of mysterious technologies lost to the ages...

Faster Than Light Travel
Technology / Science | Dec 21, 2022

The technology Humanity uses to explore the Galaxy, and the Universe beyond

what I liked & learned
Another fine example of a mysteriously vague article that doesn't tell too much info but still gets enough across to make the subject and world as a whole very intriguing. Not everything was explained, but, as the people in-world, the explanation for this technology has been lost. More encouragement to not feel the need to add too much information when I feel it would be fine left in a mysterious air.

IRL Save Button
Technology / Science | Nov 30, 2022
what I liked & learned
Quite comical thought of what future beings may interpret us using the primative floppy discs for. This is a good example of how perspective is key. Another article shrouded in mystery indeed, but by NOT getting certain information, we actually learn a lot about the world and the character who is narrating, their mindsets, and everything else.

Hardcopy printouts
Technology / Science | Jul 25, 2022
what I liked & learned
Such a relatable article thay may just be an accurate prediction of the state of our near future. Writing about real-life things is something I find challenging. Why pen an article about something that exists for real? Might as well copy and paste from Wikipedia XP but this article covered a real-life phenomenon in an interesting way that kept me in the world but still let me see the similarities of such events to the ones of our world. Well done and an inspiration to record more events specific to my fictional world to help fill up the real-world articles and not feel like I'm copying info from an almanac.




So... what are my plans now?


There's quite a lot I sought to accomplish this year, but I'm certain I'll probably blink and discover Valentine's Day is tomorrow. The things I outlined in My Summer Camp 2022 Worldbuilding Pledge Document haven't even been accomplished. I am scheduled to start a new vocation in October. Though this break was unexpected, I am grateful for it. I got a lot of rest and was able to do so many things I normally wouldn't have time to do. I sponsored a prompt and even kickstarted my Twitch channel all the way to Affiliate status in less than two months! Quite a feat, if I do say so myself. I plan to keep up my Twitch streams- perhaps at least streaming once a week/twice a month. I also should work on making more short YouTube videos because my channel has been getting more activity since I've been posting Twitch VODs there.   ~~~   In addition to these, my original goals remain. I'm still planning on finishing Teambuilding- A One-Shot Interactive Story Experience, publishing Troubled Beginnings Chapter Two, and completing An Intern for Christmas audio special and possibly adding the New Year's special. I've also now added a Murder Mystery to the mix that I may or may not have mentioned in my original pledge. One Night at Nellindill Mansion should give you a nice preview. This one is a sequel to Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous- A Virtual Escape Room RPG Experience, so I'm thinking the second escape room I mentioned creating should be part three of this saga? Or perhaps something from a different storyline altogether....

So much to think about. I thank you all for following my adventures and adding to them with your own exciting articles and worlds that I've had the pleasure of exploring. God bless you all and I appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart! <3



Great Leaders of Their People

I hiked through the Anvilverse deeper than ever before this month, going on trek after trek, entering world after world, meeting leader after leader...   Come along with me on a quick sum-up of my extensive journey to find a worthy recipient of a special short video with music, Read-Aloud narration, and custom sticker.  

Which ones were my favorites?

There were SO MANY great articles! I read through each and every one of the 325 submitted (even those I did not have permission to read live on stream). The only ones that I could not read were the eleven that unforunately required a multipass that I did not possess. Other than that, I thank each and every one of you who wrote these articles! While it proved to be quite a daunting task, I did quite enjoy myself. Listed below is my selected group of favorites. Do know that even if you don't find yourself on the list, you still contributed to this project, helped me learn something, intrigued me, and brought a smile to my face as I read through. Thanks again to everyone!



Who was crowned winner?

At the end, a very special leader was awarded the prize...

Killien Zai
Character | Jul 24, 2022
This character... he's quite relatable and I could sense by the writing that he has a lot of pressure on him. All the text has stated though are good things, but what about his feelings? You can even see it in his eyes that there's so much he's enduring for the betterment of his people, the success of his family, and the expectations that rest upon his shoulders. In speaking to the author, my speculations were confirmed. They explained that this is something Killien does not openly reveal to anyone. This is quite sad but very touching. The article speaks to me and, while formatting is not perfect and some things can stand to be improved (along with the fact that the art should be credited- though the author let me know the image was created using Artbreeder and they agreed to later add it), I believe this one is the one that stood out the most. God bless you, CherreePanda and thank you for sharing this interesting character. I would love to learn more about him! <3



THE MADNESS That Was Great Leader Twitch Streams!!!

Episode One
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Episode Seventeen
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Aldric Steelheart by HituraRael     General Seqrene Tao by Giabralter     Hāsadag āng Lāpod by malkuthe     Celia LeFer Esmaria by Dainou     Aethari Chalut by Cryssalia     Nl’thath Mtl’mn by fmbray     The Flame of Many by Aesenti     Emperor Memmorthix Illan'rdan by JoebiWanKenobi316     Amaltheia Poplarwhisk by MandoMc     Amara by Cajuncelt     Malandra the Drake Guardian by NorthWhiteWolf     Blademaster Linyarra by jester2b     Chidi Rivertoes by JMTyranny     Arapomo Thora by Jen9     Uereumu Uum by Ondo     Laura by Naelin     Irina the Eastern Tzar by Nated123     Eldeth Marteau-éclairé by hellay     Ralla Kindguard by Eraellas     High King Cormac Ironcliffe by Twaren Stormborn     Destrian Frosthand by cow2face     Adriana de Grafos by Sylver Shine     King Sel'Torinah Wavestrider by Xhy720     Galen Panos Vorreena by Jarissa + NOTES   --brief break--   Tasshaseki Kes by Foolster41     Dvorik Silverstone by narwaller     Karl Herwik by Dhelian     Queen of Thieves by Many Angled One     Esta Margroff Steinschmied by Saytama     King Romel the Glorious by TheTrashman_20     The Second Great Engineer by Rolls_The_Keg     Elenore by Drake Ragon     Ghorza Avinnordal by acusiont     Richard Dalreme VII by TinkerTech     The Falcon by Tonarus     Baron Fergus by Scalenex     Augustus I by BigBankSalty     Icaghor by themrbeasley     Zeera, the Shero of Horilande by Arianrhod SilverWheel     Calgacus by Dr Know     Margeret the Enlightened by Barron     Kuatke Ti Langit by NicOfTheRocks     Lady Serenity by chibiheidi     Sarton I by Adcheryl     Corentin by aethera     Ixion by Autumnkitsune     Atalea de Tartes by An'Akan     Wendell Silvane by hcraven     Charles Mesner by JAWest13     Freanx Rafbass by Laurabones     Meredith the Sober by Nutmeg95     Eramu the Open-Handed by Ademal     Meik Kaudo Leshind by mandyla     Enzo Sangelfique by amelianite     Mariah Sincawa by MadToxin   Arthur Atkinson by AvalonFaery     Olaf Thornguil by AvalonArcana     Queen Ngatka: Savior of Monarchy by Daskalarch     Erin by Eyrmia     Grrchk by LordRao     Esmeralda Filorinte by Bonus Action     Savata of Cayey by Starlocke     Billy the Hero by SixPathsSage     Cordell Klakowicz by deleyna

Final Reading Party!



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Nice article.
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Thank you so much for including Cordell and Cookie on your list! I've been holding off on Cookie's backstory because there is a bit of a spoiler there... but you're right, I should have at least created a stub and given basic info.

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Love that article!

Deleyna - I survived Summer Camp 2023! Check out my 2023 Summer Camp Reading Challenge and read some of my favorite articles from around the community. Or check out what happened with my Dimi Mission!
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Wordi, you were amazing and a blessing, if I didn't come home from work beating sleep off with a stick I'd binge all your streams. One of these days I'll have to pick your brains about formatting I searched high and low for sliding sidebars but all I got were old reddit posts about something completely different. Until next time!

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