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Rotten Stev-i-e

The Head FREAK, Freak Leader Stevas Kavaralasintha Ivory (a.k.a. Steve, Stevie, Sephen, Stephano, Stephanie)

"So no **** there we were, backs to the wall, Six scale heads laughing and twirling their bolas. We knew they were gonna drag us back to Ivory Eye and we'd be ******, like bigtime." The Kobold stood on the inn's table gesturing wildly, drink in hand. "All our weapons were broke, and Skinjack was bleeding out... then we heard it!"
The other patrons looked on as the small dragon-person leapt from the table making a squealing screech. "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWMMM!!!!" They downed the rest of their drink and in their fervor they hurled the wooden mug at a support beam where it clattered. "There they stood, Guntaur in hand, electricity arcing around them like a gods damned thunderstorm! It was ROTTEN STEVIE HERSELF!"
  "HIMSELF" came a yell from the crowd.
  "THEMSELF" came a dissenting opinion.
  "I'm telling the damn story. And I remember her standing there, red Hawk-hawk almost glowing! One massive power chord and suddenly two of the scale heads erupted in smoke and ion-smell, falling over and screaming." The Small blue dragonnette clutched their chest and whirled about dramatically letting out a small choked scream. "And bam if those other Scale-jerks turned and beat ******* cave!"   "Then like the badass she is she lit a cigarette, threw us each a beer and dissappeared!"
  "BULL****" came the call from the crowd. "You didn't get caught by no Scale heads"
  "Oh yeah?" came the reply from the bejacketed Kobold. "Then how'd I get this?" and with that they held up a claw full of red leather. The tell tale color of the slings used by Ivory Eye's followers.
...     Rotten Stev(i)e - The Kobold (It's argued back and forth about the gender of Stev(i)e) is the almost mythical founder of the F.R.E.A.K. movement, who discovered the a cache of strange music deep in a cave where their life was changed. They brought the flame of Punk back to his clutch and she worked with his comrades to throw off the Yoke of Ivory Eye and his old ass ways.
  Their followers argue constantly about what gender Stev(i)e is and even on his exact name. But one thing is agreed, she's a complete and utter badass.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Stev(i)e is a relatively average sized Kobold in good enough condition. He's definately a nerd though, prefering to use Her guitar-gun invention to fight Their foes, than by confronting them directly.

Body Features

They have several piercings and have a habit of wearing a large red head dress made from dyed hawk feathers.

Special abilities

As has been stated Stev(i)e has the strange ability, some say curse, some say effect of their muse, to appear and be remembered as whatever gender and sexuality the observer subconciously prefers.

Apparel & Accessories

Most notable are Stevies Modified studded leather armor, which now bears strange names and runes from the lost world as well as extra studs and rivets. It's often debated weather they wear skin tight plaid pants, a mini skirt and boots, or a kilt.

Specialized Equipment

Stev(i)e's most iconic weapon is their Guntaur, a strange weapon of her own invention that uses tripwires and explosive charges to act as a combination of instrument and draconic lightning throwing technical marvel!

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Stev(i)e was raised in Ivory Eye's personal clutch of servitor Kobolds and was always meant to serve the great blue dragon directly, moving through the deepest parts of his horde, setting and repairing the complex traps her family was known for making. 
Over time he discovered a strange crack beneath the horde into a forgotten cavern filled with strange artifacts from the second world. There they made a study of the artifacts to bring knowledge of them to her master. However as he studied they learned about Anarchy, and Tyrrany and about freedom. More than anything else they learned that her whole species lived under the claw of a tyrant and he swore that moment to free them all. 

Gender Identity

It's unknown what Stev(i)e actually identifies as. Because of a strange quirk of magic everyone who percieves them views her as whatever gender they want him to be and honestly that doesn't bother them. So they go with it. 

Morality & Philosophy

Stev(i)e believes firmly that all creatures should be free to be wild and crazy and awesome! She espouses all of the traditional values of punk rock music, which still calls to him as his muse.

Personality Characteristics


Stev(i)e is deeply motivated to help all of her fellow kobolds throw off the oppresion of their draconic masters, and to that end runs the largest Kobold liberation movement in the history of Erryt.

Wealth & Financial state

Stev(i)e is one of the worlds most famous bards, but always seems to be broke at that moment, still they manage to find something she needs.
Divine Classification
Chaotic Good
Current Status
Fighting The good fight
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Born to the collective clutch that servers Ivory Eye
Ivory Eye's Caves
He, She, Them - For some reason it's hard to remember Stevi(e)s exact name or gender
Slate Blue
No hair, but they wear a Head dress of Dyed feathers that they call their Hawk-hawk
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Mottled Blue Scales with pale underbelly
3 feet 4 inches
70 lbs
Punk Rock
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
There is no language that Stev(i)e hasn't learned to speak, and they have a natural flare for slang and idiom that comes almost mystically.
Art created by Brand Grinslade 2022

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