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Brand Grinslade | Member Since 11 Aug, 2019
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Oh snap! Welcome! Drop in and check out my worlds and creations! A lot of the stuff I use WA for is to organize my pathfinder campaign world so it's a crazy mix of PF2e material with my own Horror fantasy twist!
  I'm deeply inspired by horror authors like Stephen King, Joe Hill, H.P. Lovecraft (yes I know he was a jerk), and Chuck Palahniuck (sp?). I love telling stories of horror and hope, of raging against great darkness and surviving despite the odds.

Interests & Hobbies

I'm an avid Costumer, artist and LARPer

Favorite Movies

Hudson Hawk

Favorite Writers

Jason Pargin, Steven King, Joe Hill, Christopher Moore, Michael Moorcock

Favorite Games

I love games that give people the chance to really explore things. I also love collaberative world building games