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Charlemagne is known as The Great and king of the Franks. He has reigned from 9 October 768 over the Franks, and the Lombards from 10 July 774. He belongs to the Merovingian dynasty. He has also birthed the Carolingian dynasty.   Charlemagne is currently living in the Palace of Aachen and leading the war against the Saxons. He is Christian and greatly respected. During his reign he proved powerful and popular, with his name meaning Charles the Great. He is the son of the previous king Pepin the Short. At the same time he was classed as technically illegitimate, though with this father marrying his mother (Pertrada of Laon), he was able to claim the throne. During this period he successfully united the Franks, and managed to take control of Lombardy giving him the titles of King of the Franks, and King of the Lombards. He has managed to take over the region of Iberia called Aquitaine, and help drive many of the Lombard tribes out of the Papal States, who now back him as a strong forceful ally in Europe. At the same time he has sent ambassadors to the Abbasid Caliphate, and has the Duchy of Croatia as a satellite state as well.   So far he has little contact on a daily basis with the commoners, going through the nobles where he can. With the present Saxon War he just does not have time with his regular duties and the war to deal with everything.   He was recently wed to Luitgard until earlier in the year 800 AD, and has a number of children, including his successor Louis the Pious.
"I've met him regularly. Charlemagne is a good king, fair but firm. He wouldn't have started this war if the Saxons didn't raid our lands and kill our people. The attacks on holy sites was the last straw. He had to act and be seen to be aggressive. Everywhere he goes now is with his scale mail and longsword. Even not wearing them he has them close by.   If I can get an audience for Fleec, Grimmaz, and the others, I will no doubt about it. They are likely to be given land and title there, as long as they are willing to carry out basic jobs for the King. Shouldn't be out of their depth though."   Count de Ath, nobleman dealing with Emon Kanis on behalf of Charlemagne.
Lawful Neutral
Current Status
Holding court in the Palace of Aachen
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
2 April 747 AD
Leige (Herstal) or Aachen
Current Residence
Palace of Aachen
Brown ,flowing
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Christian - Roman Catholic
Aligned Organization

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