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The Hairy Assassin

The team finds evidence of who the assassin was working for.

Plot points/Scenes

The team gets Charlemagne out of the way and safe, and get to work on the assassin. They have a bad time trying to work out who the guild is and what their true purpose is.   When not dealing with the nobility, the team are able to carry out a bit of research. They find that the best source of information about the assassin is from the Thieves Guild of Frankia. Not much is known but they came from a schism, when a trickster rogue fell under the influence of a dark deity of death & evil 200 years ago. Magic played a part and they are rumoured to go after dark magic as a side to theft & assassination. They tried to get the rest of the guilds to join. Thrown out they have waged a shadow war against all other thief & assassin guilds. Many recruits are taken young and have mental blocks & mind wipes put in place to prevent them having connections to their previous life. The young are either taken by force or subtly lured away by the guild.   Another rumour is the fact that the leader is not known for sure and could have changed. They are more spread out and operate in smaller groups. They are looking for a set or armour, a blade, and a cloak supposedly made of leather soaked in the magic of the void & the abyss.   Chances are, there is an attack by other cult members & the odd assassin during this time. They are aiming for the nobility & Charlemagne, or trying to get the assassin's body. As long as there is someone nearby and stiff resistance is put up will prevent the worst happening.   They might also release a troll and / or ogre into town to try to disrupt the region.   The team also has the chance of finding the hidden camp of the assassin a few metres to the east of the corrupted grove. There they find a small 2" by 2" by 2" cube shaped puzzle box. It is made of a certain greasy black substance and slick with a glowing blue oil. It requires three fingers to be placed in certain points to open. When it does, another point opens up to reveal a roll of parchment. On it is the instructions to summon the target's name using a few drops of blood on a piece of parchment (or similar) at a site of worship to darker gods. This may need to be translated from Infernal.   Twig blights and/or vine blights may attack at this point, and seem to be awoken when the puzzle box was activated.   Also word reaches them that a person looking business has arrived in town as part of a merchant guild from Fresia in the north. It appears that they are a ship captain in need of more permanent employment and may have came from another world. Their ship is able to transport goods & people throughout the seas around Europe, and there is the chance with enough capital, they may be able to get a ship & crew for the Silk Road too.


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