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Eschbach Grove of Life

The grove that sits at the western edge of Echbach is usually referred to as the Grove of Life. Those that live in and around the town of Eschbach whop believe in the Old Ways regularly meet at the grove for religious & social ceremonies. Sometimes those locals that belong to the Christian faith will make use of it too, especially those who still have some belief in the 'Little People' and ask the clerics there to intervene on their behalf. A Menhir sits in the centre of the grove and at the edge of it is a number of buildings formed of plant material to blend in while providing personal space for the clerics & druids that practice there.


The grove is at the edge of a forest, and is generally flat in nature. Roughly over 50 feet by 50 feet with a menhir in the centre, the eastern area is generally clear of trees. Underbrush, flowers and grasses are present in clumps here.


The grove follows the general pattern of life here. Arthropods & plants of all kinds (especially bushes, trees, grass & flowers) are found here with some of the insects that feed on plants & detrius. A few arthropods overall feed on others. In turn smaller reptiles like European snakes, and many smaller mammals make their way through here and around the site. Birds are also found throughout. These all feed on one another or rely on the area for food & shelter.   Also, the grove is a focal point for Fey creatures and many are found around it. A few Treants are found in the forest, and a couple have took root at the edge of the grove. Fairies, sidhe, Pixies and Sylph are found here too. They provide an extra layer to creatures that look to live in harmony with nature. Unfortunately a good number of Dark Fey sometimes appear too at certain times, secpecially about the time of Saimhain.

Ecosystem Cycles

Every part is tied in with the natural flow of the seasons. Some pass through the end of Autumn to early Spring in a period of hibernation, while others take over, primarily the Dark Fey. Other times, the grove is awash with colour and life in full bloom, where animals come to feed & reproduce.

Localized Phenomena

The grove acts as a beacon to the Feywild and regularly attracts such creatures to itself. Most pass through temporary portals to it or from it to the Feywild. The efect is that life here has grown strong & robust showing a slight magical tint when viewed with magical means. A permanent portal has been created here now by the local druidess, some adventurers, and some of the Fey.This is generally closed until the correct saying & offering is madfe, then it opens allowing two-way travel.   Recently the Druids & Clerics have improved their naturally grown private quarters here, and have expanded animal holding & training part of the grove close to the entrance. This came about the sudden arrival of three egs (a griffon's egg, a wyvern's egg, and a green dragon's egg). They are at present trying to train the griffon & wyvern, while waiting any day for the green dragon to be birthed by the egg.
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