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Grimmaz Fyrwin

Grimmaz Fyrwin

Human Outlander. Swarthy skin with dark brown hair plaited in two plaits which hang down to his waist. Brown eyes look out from under a bushy eyebrows. He is tall and well built, and wears sturdy traveling clothes.

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From somewhere around NE Frankland near the Saxony border
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6ft 2in
Known Languages
Speaks Common (Frankish), Common (Saxon) and Brythonic.

Bumming around Wein h

Travelling with Mercenaries towards Saxony to look for work Dwarf Merc - Floki Big Beard Human Merc - Touri O'York   Been given a job by Hindi to deliver a package to the Burgomiester. To collect package before travelling   One the way to Saxony / Aachen / Parisis Meet a crowd at a crossroads outside the village of Fuken. Burying a linen covered corpse in a hole by the crossroads. The priest explains that a local woman killed herself as she couldn't cope as her husband went missing several weeks ago. They are burying here so she doesn't come back. Help out with the burial and the Priest, Vladimir, offers shelter at a local monastery.   On the way up come across group of men trying to fell a tree at the side of the road. Approaching the group a fight ensues. The bandits all die. Grimmaz seeks out their camp to find it empty.   Arrive at Weissen. Large banner in the middle of the town.

Into the Forest

Grimmaz decides to head to the notice board and look for a job that pays coin. Finds a note looking for a courier to take information to the Burgomiester. Head out into the forest and gets sealed information from the foresters. Head back to the Burgomeister and on handing over the information, the Burgomeister informs the party of another assassination attempt. Another cultist seemingly working alone. The cultist fled the scene but dropped an item, which was a piece of jewellery belonging to one of the nobles in town, the House of Gunther.   Grimmaz suggests they head over and stake out the area of the nobles house. Grimmaz discovers there are rooms to rent in the Gunther household. Fleec asks about the area and finds out Sigihelm, servant of the Gunthers, is troublesome and keeps disappearing in and around the full moon. Also word on the street is items are seemingly going missing from the house, including rosary beads.   The party heads over to the cathedral and asks a local priest. He informs the party the Gunthers are very religious and newly married. They head out and find a crowd in the graveyard   Father Tosul is reciting a litany over the grave, surrounded by guards. Grave has been dug up and the body removed. Other grave robberies have taken place, seemingly every few weeks or so. Fresh graves are dug up. Father Tosul informs the party the Gunther are a good family, although he bemoans Sigihelm, stating he is very irritable around the full moon.   The party heads to the Gunther house and enquires after a room to rent. A well dressed, young man introduces himself as Hindi Gunther.

Below the Sewers: Part 1

Heading down through the grate into the sewers proper the party come across a solid metal door with a symbol of it. A symbol of a hand holding a pouch.   Come across the freshly dead corpse of a beggar in a room. Follow the rooms and come across crates and barrels. Movement in the room, leads to skeletons rising in the corner of the room.   After defeating the skeletons, find men hiding in the shadows. Announce themselves as the assassins guild, and they let the party go but will call on the party in the future.   The party are led out fo the sewers and appear behind a forge just off one of the markets. Childrick runs the forge and informs the party that the men in the sewers were the thieves guild (hand holding a pouch), but that there is an assassins guild in the sewers (hand holding a dagger).   Childrick asks the party to keep an eye out for an Ulfberhd sword.   Fleec commissions Childrick for a new weapon. Grimmaz asks directions to a healer.

Lost in the Sewers: Part 2

Stumbling through corridors the come across a door with noise behind it. Light comes from behind the door.   Busting into the room five robed figures are standing around an altar in the left hand wall of the room. On dispatching the robed figures (the assassins who were after the Burgomeister) the party investigate the altar.   Moonstone pentagram made of wavy lines with a lozenge shape with an eye in the middle. Above the altar are some sheaf's of paper. At the foot of the altar is a font and a small chest.   Opening the chest the party find coins and gems. The sheaf's of paper seem to be loose sheets tied together with various runic languages on them. On examination the party can gather some Infernal and Brythonic words making reference to the "star-god".   Below the carving on the top of the altar, is a recess holding a small amulet on a plain chain. Fleec decides to keep the amulet and offers his share of the gems for the amulet. Grimmaz agrees.   Stumbling onward through the corridors leads to a disused cobweb filled part of the sewers. A spider-web filled room (complete with spider)   Methane pockets explode when meeting the torches.

Lost in the Sewers: Part 1

After meeting with the Burgomeister Ewald O'Dula, he asks the party to follow the assassins into the sewers. The Burgomeisters guards offer the party a torch each and gently push them into the sewers.   Following the first dingy corridor the party comes across rotten dilapidated door. Behind the door, lies a piles of broken boxes and furniture. The smell of urine is strong in this place. Another door lies on the opposite side of the room.   Passing through the second door the corridor comes to dead end with a left hand branch about half way along the left hand wall. Nothing of interest is found at the dead end so the party moves along the left hand corridor, finding another rotten door. Another dilapidated room filled with broken debris, with a left hand corridor and a door in the far right corner of the room.   Large rats burst out of the debris attacking the party.   Following the corridor leads to another door, to another room, with another door...

Session 0 - Meet the Party

Assigned the Burgomaster of Parissus to go to Wein to collect criminal Fleec Snow. Assigned a room in Ugly Duckling Inn. Grimm will settle into Inn before heading to the keep to collect the criminal.   The wizened old woman innkeeper advises to watch out in the city and be aware of carried weapons as the guards may ask you to state your business.   After checking over the room he decides to head to the keep. Walking through the merchants quarter he passes more grander buildings on the way to the keep. After an hour meets the keep guards. Challenged to state your business, you have to wait until someone comes back down.   A half-elf is brought down to the main gate. A pack of material is dropped at it's feet. This is Fleec Snow.


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