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The Eschbach Shields

The Eschbach Shields is the established inn / tavern in Escbach. Named after the village and now after the village geing given township, a lordship and a town's 'coate de arms' made up of white & red shields. Run by Baldwin Girswinda and his family Judith (wife), 21 year old daughter Agnis, and 17 year old son Petre. At least two staff work in it: barmaid Salina (27 years old human female), and the cook Jedidia (35 year old Halfling).

Purpose / Function

As the oldest established tavern in Eshbach, the tavern serves alcohol, related drinks, and food. To make it more profitable a part was turned into an inn.


The rooms / beds are situated upstairs with a part out the back serving as a kitchen. An internal door behind the bar leads into the building next door that acts as a storeroom on the ground floor and bedrooms for the owner and his family upstairs.


Classic Frankish wooden structure taking in stone elements especially the bottom floor. Large windows are found on the ground floor with smaller windows in the rooms upstairs. Most of the colours are natural, with brown wooden look is predominant. The wooden parts are sturdy hardwoods, primarily made of oak, and fir tree wood is used here & there to augment the colours.Green paint is used on parts of the walls to offset the brown.


Owned by the Gerswinda family for 7 generations in the region now owned by the lordship of Eschbach. It was rebuilt once during this time when the local Germanic tribes ran through the region over 70 years ago. Baldwin is the owner now but doesn't talk much about his family, though most of the older members of Eschbach knew his parents & grandparents, remarking they didn't talk much about family either.   It is a popular tavern with many locals both from the village & the farming / woodsmen coming in. Now that the village is growing & turning into a town, many of the workers use the tavern, along with the local court, and travellers (many of which are related to trading caravans & trading routes).   Sometimes adventurers pass by making uuse of the facilities & the Thieves of Frankia have recently took up a small permanent residence in it. A new bard called Jerimoth has recently took up residence in it bringing a bit of joy to this corner of the world.
Founding Date
714 AD
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners

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