The true dark ages A Disturbing Discovery - The Valley & Caverns of the Crucified

A Disturbing Discovery - The Valley & Caverns of the Crucified

Metaphysical / Paranormal event


Two mercenaries called Grimmaz Fyrwin & Fleec Snow, were sent to a valley in the Central Massif believed to be cursed. After finding the remains of the old Roman fort, they examined the caverns below. Deep down a strange set of figures appeared mummified by extreme age with strange growths attached & growing over the underground town they found. A large strange skeleton was found against one wall, and steps leading down to a strange alter with an amber 'sarcophagus' on it. After dealing wit the necromancer & some Troglodytes that were there, the team dumped the sarcophagus into a pit of lava to one side. Upon looking at the town they found an old library missing a book, and a humanoid creature that looked as if cut open, a being claiming to be a member of the Order of the Gash. They reported this to the authorities in Parisius, and gained some respect with a group of Wood Elves & Celts near the valley.

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