Librarian Stitchscar

Librarian Stitchscar

Stitchscar is a Cenobite and a member of the Order of the Gash. She was once human, and as a young girl or about 5 she developed a liking for reading. At this stage of life her family worked in the Library of Alexandria. She read anything that she could get hands on, and this included religious & occult material. Her parents put this to use and trained her in many different languages, and philosophies. Getting well into her teens and no suitors in sight, she began reading more & more, and found a text explaining a large maze controlled by a being called Leviathan. Her curiosity piqued, she discovered a ritual that could open a portal to other dimensions, and one that needed a ritual murder on an altar of black stone with brass filigree designs. The method was to bring extreme pleasure to a head for the killer, and absolute agony to the victim. She chose a slave of the library and led him to the lower levels of the library. There she bound him with brass chains and proceeded to slice him over and over and over again with stiffened pieces of papyrus, and when enough cuts were done sowing the cuts enough to stop him dying, and keeping it going until he died of shock.   At that point, the slave's chest burst open and something crawled out. Dressed in black, shiny, leathery clothing like that of a a priest, this pale creature had a hole in it's chest. No sternum was visible, and each time it breathed the ends of the ribs, and edges of the lungs could be seen. It's throat had a similar smaller hole where the larynx should have been. Picking up a piece of papyrus, it scrawled in blood with it's finger that it was here to take her to the Labyrinth of Hell, and meet it's master Leviathan. It sank back into the victim's chest and beckoned her to follow. She followed. When there Leviathan saw her potential, both as a Cenobite, and as a Librarian. She had her hair removed, a dress showing her legs, a vest-like top, and scars sown shut that opened when she moved added to her. From then on, she was known as Stitchscar, and anywhere there is books to the Occult, she may be found, checking to see if there is anything of interest, and returning it to Leviathan. She also leaves of books to mortals to find to bring more candidates back to Hell, for either damnation or joining with the Order.

Female with a shiny black bodice opened at sides No hair, bare feet, and scars that appear to open when she moves Scars are loosely stitched and all over her body

"You do not want to meet her. Stitchscar she's called. Absolute terror, scarred and then them stitched with them never healing. And she knows, she knows where to find you. Anywhere there is the written word in any language. She'll appear if the right puzzle book is opened & solved. Maybe it is locked away somewhere and that is the method of the puzzle, you never know. Never seems to get emotional, but there's something else in her eyes. A fascination of some kind but evil in intent. Even more so when she is obviously looking you up and down. Not in a sexual way either....."   Excerpt of a letter from Grimmaz to Fleec, two 9th Century associate adventurers.
Lawful Evil
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale bluish gray
5ft 5 inches
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27 Aug, 2022 02:21

ooooh, I like villanous characters like this! Rather than be turned to the 'dark side' by trauma or oppresion, she simply found an unhealthy obsession with the occult and it ran unchecked until she killed a man in the name of books!   Does her family know what happened to her? Or did she simply vanish one day, never to return?

27 Aug, 2022 13:02

We'll never know about her family. One of those great unanswered questions from a past age.