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Session 47: Assassin Follow up Report

General Summary

The team has dealt with the assassin and hidden the body away in the meantime. While Grimmaz finishes with this job, he goes into the local inn and is directed to two Gnomish thieves in the corner. They started chatting and Grimmaz brings up about the Bladed Pouch. They explain that the Thieves Guild & Assassins Guild booted out the Bladed Pouch 200 years ago after the trickster Rogue leader fell under the sway of a dark god & tried to get them to follow it. They are split into smaller cells, abduct or kidnap children to recruit them, and are fighting a shadow war wit the other guilds since. Also, they want to meet Charlemagne to congratulate them, and say that the planning of their local chapter is going well.   Grimmaz leaves to go to the village hall after Charlemagne finishes in the church. There they meet and Grimmaz introduces the thieves to the emperor who is given money by the Gnomes. They take an interest in Viktor and Reolus, eventually approaching Reolus to say that they can offer him work if need be, and so can Grimmaz. Grimmaz also slips out to further examine the body of the assassin who turns out to be female and later learns that Reolus & the assassin are  a species called Tabaxi, have small enclaves in Europe but more populous in the Far East & Africa. He finds on his inspection a 2" by 2" by 2" cube made of the same material found in the caverns early on. It has been treated with a bluish oil, has at least three markings on three of it's faces, and a thieves kit.   They are all in the village hall when Grimmaz is approached by Mikhail who has sent a guard out. There is an Ogre spotted in the woods to the east rampaging towards the town. They head out to deal with it, and notice it has had a carved knife shape on it's chest. Grimmaz does heavy damage with his battleaxe, while Reolus finishes it off with a dagger through the roof of it's mouth into the brain. They follow where it came from and found it had initially came from the south and spotted the town. At the end of the trail there is a makeshift camp and a place where the Ogre was tied up and it looked as if it chewed its way out of the ropes binding it to rocks. There is a small pouch near the fire that has a parchment in it that used to hold the cube, and had a part cut off with the name Charlemagne on it.    Also, the camp turned out to be due east of the desecrate grove. Grimmaz, followed by Reolus, headed to the grove that felt odd to Reolus who encountered it for the first time. The treant present spoke to them to say that the 'little person' did not literally enter the grove but stuck a hand out over the edge in the air, and made a small cut, then withdrew. Grimmaz sent Alfre to the priest @& others who looked after the grove to bless the grove again. Returning to the ogre's body they can make out the bruising and nicks to the wrists of the ogre.   Father Tossil is called and they notice a slight bluish tinge to the ogre's forehead and surmises that the blue oil was used to control & activate the ogre upon the assassin's death.   They all return to the village, where they are called by Tossil who is examining the assassin's body for cuts, and the other items. He points out that there is a cut on the palm of the hand and it was used on the paper. It is blood magic that was used to activate the target's name, and that the assassin was inexperienced when queried by Reolus as to why be carrying it. The assassin does seem young, and it was the first job they were doing. Also, upon examining the cube Willhelm & Tossil worked out that it could opened by Reolus by holding it between two fingers and his thumb. Upon doing so, he activated it and it opened. Inside is the instructions of how to summon the victim's name. They all theorise she had a second agenda of getting into the church's vault to steal what she could from the items there. Some of these are to be transferred to Wien and then on to Rome & the Vatican City in the next few days by Father Tossil.

Rewards Granted

6100 XP

Character(s) interacted with

Alfre, the Council of Three, Charlemagne, Count de 'Ath, The Burgeaters & Mikeal, Father Tossil, two Gnome thieves
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
25 May 2023
Primary Location
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